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Eco Winter-Coats-a-Go-Go

Eco Winter-Coats-a-Go-Go

Eco Winter-Coats-a-Go-Go

Ah, the age old “I can’t find a vegan coat” adage! As our girl Leanne over at Vaute Couture (an upcoming line of cruelty-free winter coats) line is not yet available, we have continued our hunt for a fierce winter coat. Spending hours looking through an affordable range of winter coats, ensuring that they don’t harm any of our friends or our pretty planet. Birdies deserve to keep their feathers, and sheep need their wool to keep them warm.     What’s so bad about wool? Lambs are forced to endure a gruesome procedure called mulesing, which we seriously suggest you read up on.   Geese and Ducks Suffer more than you know so you can have your down jackets. What’s an ethical fashionista to do?   Here are some fun options (click images for direct link):

The Ariel Trench from Delia’s rocks a Double-breasted military-style with gold buttons.

This Double-breasted coat with black piping and oversized button snaps is only $50 and perfect for casual outings.

Screw style – want to just be cozy and warm while walking the pups? Merrell Opti-WarmTM insulation feautures 100 grams of insulation in body and 60 grams in sleeve, Water resistant DWR coating, and Dual handwarming pockets!

The Iris Coat by Rebe (a mother-daughter design team) is an elegantly simple buttoned empire waist coat with a shawl collar. Each coat is slightly unique due to the vintage fabric trim.   Created out of 100% recycled cotton and acrylic blend, vintage fabric trim (make sure your vintage trim is vegan, if that’s your preference).

Emily Katz uses soy jersey, hemp/recycled poly denim, water resistant fleece and organic cotton fleece, all of which support the simple elegance of the silhouettes while making a statement about our place in the environment.   We love this swingy little evening jacket:

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This UNA coat is perfect for fall. Organic cotton twill with wax finish exterior with heavy lining, making it appropriate for temperatures from freezing to degrees. Asymmetrical, off-center zip.

Though we happily sport our faux-leather shoes, we collapse into an ethical conundrum when it comes to faux-fur.   We know fur is all the rage right now (gag us with a spoon), so if you must wear a realistic looking fake fur – throw a “I’m Fake!” button on it, and use your faux coat to make a statement for the millions of animals who perish yearly under the auspices of fashion.     You’ll find numerous faux fur options (you’ll have to wade through some pretty Joan Collins looking numbers before you come on something you can make look cool) on

Many more coat options coming… but this should get you started!   Mwah.