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This Brilliant Idea Will Cleanse Your Jewelry Box!

Published on September 17, 2008 by   ·   55 Comments Pin It

Old BFF half necklaces from friendships gone quite wrong? Name charms from your boriqua jewelry stage? Grandma’s cat pendant missing a ruby from its eye? The star of David from Aunt Ruth from your Bat-Mitzvah that you never wore again? What else is sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box wasting space? Imagine if you could make the most killer cool necklace out of old pendants and doodads! Well, you aren’t that creative and don’t have the time to sit around crafting the hope diamond all day!

Luckily Jen Boaz does this for a living and if you have a dime, she has the time. Check out her “BRILLIANT” necklaces. What could be more eco-fierce than recycling in this delicious way?

Here’s how to get started: Gather charms, securely package them and mail to Jen Boaz Jewelry. Include a note with your contact information and any special instructions. Specify Silver chain ($175.00) or Gold chain ($210.00). Send an email to once your treasures have been shipped so her crafty little fingers can be on the lookout for your package.

Or contact Jen via email (above) or call her (404.409.7586) to arrange a time to deliver your items in person if you are in Atlanta.

Mailing address: Jen Boaz Jewelry 1166 Dunwoody Knoll Dr. Dunwoody Ga 30338


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Readers Comments (55)

  1. I bet she has some interesting stories of things she’s gotten in the mail…

  2. Johanna says:

    I have one of Jen’s masterful charm necklaces that she made of so, so many things that I could never part with for sentimental reasons but which I never wore either. Now, I wear them, enjoy them, get to talk about them because everyone wants to look at the necklace and see what everything is. Fabulous!

  3. kimsy says:

    Wow, talk about a conversation piece :) Neat idea!

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