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The Most Beautiful Earrings In The World

The Most Beautiful Earrings In The World

The Most Beautiful Earrings In The World

It all started when one of my most stylish friends said “have you seen this instagram account?”  She forwarded me the link to Dancing Willow Design’s instagram account, and I fell in insta-love. Juliana Rosengrant is the owner, designer and self taught bead artist behind Dancing Willow Design.  She resides in the coastal redwoods of northern California with her husband and three small children in a utopic green quiet.  While pregnant with her first child, Willow Blue, Dancing Willow Design was born.  Formerly a school teacher, Juliana says she now finds balance between being a mama, a wife and an artist.  All Dancing Willow Design pieces are handmade with love in her in-home studio.

​Combining brass and glass seed beads, she creates one of a kind timeless pieces without the use of a loom.  Handwoven, one bead at a time, each piece takes hours and sometimes days to complete.  Living in communion with nature, she is able to draw inspiration from everywhere around her.  The sacred geometry and patterns found in the natural world heavily influence her work.  Juliana donates pieces to non-profit auctions to give back to community, and hopes to do more philanthropic give-back as her business grows. These are pieces made with so much love, even the packaging eeks of thoughtful artistry. If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, or yourself – this is the clear choice.

This jewelry just makes you feel something sweet, timeless, and precious. And talk about a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

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Juliana and her amazing work space:

Clothing in modeling images by Running Rivers Organics. Shot by Kisa Hues (@kisahues) and modeled by Anya Alana (@anyaalara37). 

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