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Sustainable ‘Pure Sweets’ Line Launches Its Way Onto Our Palates

Sustainable ‘Pure Sweets’ Line Launches Its Way Onto Our Palates

What a sweet expansion! Andrea Kyan started Pure Sweets in 2008 out of her desire for vegan desserts that are healthful and a means to raise money for animal welfare and healthy eating initiatives. She says; “After being a vegetarian since a kid, I became vegan in 2007 after visiting an organic dairy farm and saw how organic wasn’t synonymous with humane.”

Founder Andrea Kyan

Pure Sweets is about every ingredient being nutritious and delicious enough to win over non-vegans.  Desserts don’t have to be empty calories and vegan doesn’t mean less than. Andrea says; “I find the majority of vegan sweets made with junky ingredients, refined sugars and ordinary flavors.  The end result is a lot of sweetness without much depth.” We love that this line is kosher, gluten-free, and they are simply gorgeous!

All of these gorgeously packaged (seriously, adorable!! You’ll want to eat the packaging!) are named after animals, particularly to ignite the curiosity of children who notice their favorite cookie is named after The Ape and choose to learn more about primates. Andrea’s desire is that this inquisitiveness maybe that will help them respect animals as adults.

Some of our favorites;

Adult tempered rice crispy treats – Like The Ladybug, an organic brown rice crisp bar topped with organic Italian raspberry preserves, creme and organic single-origin dark chocolate. Bonus: a sweet bar
full of protein (10G!) and fiber.

The Ladybug, $3.50

The Frog: A bold organic pistachio espresso cookie striped with organic single-origin dark chocolate. A unique cookie both for it’s subtle sweetness and robust flavor. Most scrumptious out of the fridge.

The Frog, $3.25

The Sphinx: Rule faraway lands with organic rosewater macaroons peppered with organic cardamom. Bonus: anti-inflammatory, 60 calories per macaroon.

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The Sphinx, $3.00

Other bits about Pure Sweets we love: they offer adorable gift sets and packages and wedding specials! Like this one;

Nothing beats fresh out of the oven. Each kit contains a Weck jar filled with batter, topping(s), and instructions to make 7 large or 21 mini cookies.Also available as a dry mix. Add sweetener of choice! All cookies are available as kits – what fun!

PS Cookie Kit, $30

And Pure Sweets isn’t sugar and margarine! Andrea travels the country (and world) sourcing the best single-origin chocolate, hand-crafted jams, family farmed nuts, local organic fruits, and sustainable packaging.   She says; “I love this part of my work: researching the best of the best and building relationships with my producers along the way. To me, this just isn’t a business, but a means to influence people’s relationship with food and animals.” So this line isn’t just cruelty-free and vegan, it’s entirely eco and sustainably thought out before it comes to your lips for a bit of bliss.

Try this new line: (they deliver everywhere) & like them on facebook. You can also visit them at their location in Philadelphia (3580 Indian Queen Lane   •   Philadelphia, PA 19129)


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