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Miami Welcomes New Vegan Restaurant

Miami Welcomes New Vegan Restaurant

Miami is generally known for its deco buildings and tacky nightclub denizens, not so much for their awesomely healthy food. This may just change with the opening of Choices Vegan Cafe.

It all began when a 10 year old boy watched a video on factory farming.

“That made me realize that McDonald’s yummy hamburgers were actually sourced from animal suffering and death. I was done overnight. Although I could not describe or articulate myself well at that age, I knew I didn’t want to be a part of that.”

Today, over 20 years later and still fueled by a desire to reduce suffering, Alex Cuevas, that compassionate and intelligent little boy, has realized a dream. Alex is now the proud owner of Miami’s Choices Vegan Cafe (379 SW 15th Road Miami, FL.) The restaurant has been manifested by the love and dedication of Alex, along with his business partner and brother Jorge Antillon Cuevas. These two remarkable brothers are on a mission to inspire happiness, kindness, and compassion while serving up healthy, organic, life-giving foods. When you walk through the doors, you can immediately feel the warmth and love that Choices exudes, both in the food but also through the service received. It’s obvious that they must have a quick service POS system in place, similar to the kind you can find here, in order to be able to serve good food as quickly as they do. And if the friendly, clean, inviting atmosphere is enough to get you in there, then the food will keep you coming back.

Growing up in a Mexican family, I asked Cuevas if his family was supportive of his food choices at such a young age.

“Family supportive? Well if you count allowing me to do it, but telling me that I was going to die of malnutrition, I guess you could say ‘supportive’.”

But today, due in part to his compassionate example, his parents and both his brothers are vegan. And his mother’s ‘veganized’ Mexican cooking has most certainly had an influence on the creative and mouth-watering dishes you can find on the menu at Choices. From fresh pressed juices and smoothies, to raw collard wraps filled with spicy walnut taco meat and the unique and flavorful VA Insane wrap stuffed with soyrizo, Daiya cheese and plantains, to sweet treats such as raw chocolate pies, cookies, and melt in your mouth SIN-a-buns, Choices has something on the menu to please every palate. They are even receiving rave reviews from skeptical carnivores.

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Choices Cafe is holding their Grand Opening this weekend on Saturday Nov.19th. Hit it up for food tastings, live music, and a contest offering a $300 cash prize. RSVP to this free event here.

via Lori Zito