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Dr. Fuhrman’s Ultimate Veggie Soup Recipe

Dr. Fuhrman’s Ultimate Veggie Soup Recipe

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a noted practicing physician who knows from his work with patients how people can save their own lives through healthy eating. He writes from practical experience, and has successfully treated thousands of patients over the years for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and more. In his must-read book Eat to Live, Dr. Fuhrman focuses on a nutrient-dense, low-calorie diet that does not include any dairy products, animal products, between-meal snacks, fruit juices, or dried fruit. Try his nutrition plan for six weeks, and he’ll show you how to achieve dramatic weight loss – if that’s what you are looking to achieve. He may even save your life.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman takes great pride in creating healthy and nutritious recipes that are also delicious. This soup is packed with hearty, filling and flavorful vegetables. Scientific studies find that colorful plant foods contain thousands of healthy, protective nutrients essential for good health. Fuhrman says that they’re the best medicine for a long, healthy life. This recipe makes a large pot of soup, so share it with friends or save it in the refrigerator to enjoy throughout the week.


1 cup dried split peas and/or beans
4 cups water
4 medium onions
6-10 medium zucchini
3 leek stalks
2 bunches kale or collard greens
5 lbs.of carrots (or 4-5 cups carrot juice)
2 bunches organic celery (or 2 cups celery juice)
2 Tbs. Dr. Fuhrman’s VegiZest (or 2 veg bouillon cubes)
1 cup raw cashews
1 package mushrooms (any variety), chopped

Note: This recipe works best with a juicer and powerful blender/food processor.

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  1. Place peas and water in a very large pot and cook covered on the lowest heat possible.
  2. Remove outer skins from onions; add whole onions & whole zucchinis to the pot and cover.
  3. Cut the bottom roots off the leeks and slice them up the side so each leaf can be washed; throw away the last inch at the top and place entire leek into the pot.
  4. Strip leaves from kale or collard stems and discard stems; chop leaves and add to pot.
  5. Juice the carrots and celery in a juice extractor; add juice & VegiZest or cubes to the pot.
  6. While pot is simmering, chop mushrooms. By this time, zucchini & onions should be soft.
  7. Ladle some liquid from the pot into a powerful blender or food processor; use tongs to remove onions, zucchini, and leeks (leave beans and kale in the pot); in a few separate batches, blend together onions, zucchini, and leeks; return blended mixture to pot.
  8. Next, place some soup liquid and cashews into the food processor and blend until creamy.
  9. Return the blended mixture back to the pot; add mushrooms and simmer 20 minutes.

For a video demonstration of this recipe and others, visit, Via Meatout Mondays.