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Raising Vegan Children Segment On Fox News Features Marisa Miller-Wolfson

Raising Vegan Children Segment On Fox News Features Marisa Miller-Wolfson

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Perhaps you caught last nights’ segment on Fox News wherein GGA BFF Marisa Miller-Wolfson, Director & Star of the award-winning vegan-centric documentary Vegucated and her adorable son Gabriel, made family veganism look healthy and delicious! This segment swiftly kicks haters to the side with a dose of healthy, happy, plant-based littles!

Watch the short segment and kvell over the kid cuteness and beautiful parenting below!

Vegan Parenting

(Adya and Gabriel)

Raising Vegan Children Segment On Fox News Features Marisa Miller-Wolfson

Transcript via Fox News:

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – Gabriel, 2, and Adya, 3, are happily digging into their lunch. But what these children are eating is not so typical. They are both being raised as vegans from birth. In a nutshell, they are vegetarians who also don’t eat anything with animal by-products such as eggs or even milk.What you’re looking at is red lentil pasta. And instead of Parmesan cheese the kids eat nutritional yeast mixed with toasted walnuts.

While many kids start their day with milk and cereal, this is how Gabriel typically starts his day: avocado toast with cashew cream, a little bit of garlic and herbs.

Marisa herself has been vegan for 13 years. She says after doing extensive research and planning, raising Gabriel as vegan was an easy choice to make.

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Adya’s father Eric Milano has also embraced veganism. Eric used to eat meat on a regular basis but no more for him or his family. Eric believes raising Adya as a vegan will help her in the long run.

Registered dietitian Shari Bookvar says it takes a lot of work for parents to raise their children as vegans. She says parents must properly plan so that their children do get adequate protein, certain types of fats and nutrients. She says that could mean more cooking and shopping and that eating out at restaurants can be a challenge.

But Bookvar says there are advantages to raising kids as vegans because it can be very healthy if planned properly and teaches kids at a young age to appreciate fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Adya and Gabriel were all smiles while enjoying their green smoothie popsicle for dessert.

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