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Mamatinis: Cocktails For The Breastfeeding & Pregnant Set

Mamatinis: Cocktails For The Breastfeeding & Pregnant Set

Do you have a bun in the oven, but spend more time dry heaving than wistfully looking at baby clothes? Help is on the way. Dried Ginger: (gan jiang) is a  “hot, pungent herb that’s great at dispersing internal cold and warming the channels, therefore treating loose stools, chronic low back pain and cold sensations in the abdomen. It is also effective at treating nausea and vomiting due to morning sickness, so newly pregnant women should always have some on hand!”

Eliza Grimes, an herbal medicine woman, confirms what our ancestors have known for decades – ginger does a knocked up broad good.

Though we gnawed on ours raw when pregnant, there is a new way to get that gag-reflex calmed down during those pesky/ perfect almost ten months.  We drank Jamaican ginger beers, pregnancy teas, and made ginger cookies.

But once we had the baby, ginger was still an important part of our life.

Check out Mamatini, a ginger-based bevvy especially for the with-child set. Mamatini was created by Erica Duignan Minnihan, a mom of 3, and her mother, Dr. Ifeoma Ikenze—a pediatrician with over 35 years of medical experience. As moms themselves, Erica and Dr. Ikenze know how important breastfeeding is — but they also know it’s not always easy, which is why they set out to create a certified organic, low in sugar tea that would provide a natural energy boost for nursing moms.

Mamatini, $50 for a case of 12 bottles

It contains Fenugreek that increases breast milk supply, Fennel that promotes faster let-down & alleviates baby’s colic symptoms, Chamomile that provides restful sleep for babies and moms, Vitamin D that aids calcium absorption, helping babies form strong bones,  Vitamin A that helps babies form healthy teeth, bones, skin and nails, Vitamin C that helps babies form collagen in the body and aids iron absorption, Micro-nutrients that increase absorption of minerals depleted by pregnancy and nursing, Folic acid and B vitamins that provide energy, and Ginger that relieves upset stomach for babies and moms.

The Question is – do you need to drop $50 for a case of this stuff when you could probably make it yourself?  During the nursing years, some days you barely have the energy to shower, let alone brew up magical potions.  If you have the cash (or a friend who wants to buy you a present – aka a registry) get a bunch of this stuff on hand so you can absentmindedly guzzle the goodness once the baby comes.

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Mamatinis are FSA Health Care Eligible. The IRS announced earlier this year that breast pumps and other lactation supplies (including Mamatini) are medical expenses, eligible for health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts. Now, you can use pre-tax funds from flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts to cover these costs. Let’s say you use $50 from your FSA for a case of Mamatini. If you normally pay 30 percent in federal, social security and state taxes on your income, it’s like getting that case for $35. And you save even more if you get a 6-Week or Auto-Shipment plan.  Our vote? Worth it.

Want to make it yourself?  Here’s a pregnancy-safe recipe that works beautifully;

  • Fresh ginger root – 2 tablespoons
  • Boiled water – two cups
  • Use brown sugar, agave, or date sugar as sweetener (if needed), add apple or lemon.

According to this blog post; Mamatini is for nursing mothers. You should not drink Mamatini while you’re pregnant because Fenugreek – in large doses – is not recommended for pregnant women. While the amount contained in Mamatini is safe, it’s better to wait until the baby is born and you are ready to start breastfeeding.

Mamatinis: Cocktails For The Breastfeeding & Pregnant Set

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