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Preggy Ladies: How To Usher In The Soul Of A Saint With Your Baby

Preggy Ladies: How To Usher In The Soul Of A Saint With Your Baby

Alexandra Aitken is a noted Kundallini Yoga instructor who teaches all over Los Angeles and holds retreats and workshops worldwide.   Here she let’s us Preggy gals know how to make sure your baby comes into the world on a higher spiritual plane;

The ancient yogis say on the 120th day of pregnancy the soul enters the body.   Before that time a woman should focus on praying and bringing in a high soul, and the meditation below is especially for that. It is also a good meditation for all women as it centers them in their own power and excellence to be the best of themselves.

NO NO’s: After the 120th day you shouldn’t do any breath of fire, breath holding, inversions, abdominal exercises and or strenuous twists. Some women feel that they should stop before that. During this sacred time listen to your body as all your sense and intuition is heightened.

In Kundallini yoga for an easy birth – Squats, cat cow and the butterfly are the most important. The master of Kundallini Yoga recommends that you should aim to walk 5 miles a day from120th day to birth, or at least 5 days a week. Chant whilst you walk “Sat Nam” (Truth is my identity) is a good mantra and feel that you are kissing the earth with great love with every step.

It is women who have the power to transform the whole planet and its future into a whole world rotated by love and peace, as it is the women who are giving birth to the future generations of saints and leaders.

Below is what pregnant yogis chant to their babies so they bring in the soul of a saint. Tune in with “Ong Namo guru dev namo” (x 3) before you start any kundalini yoga. You can buy wonderful mantra music for the meditation here.

Why do we chant The Adi Mantra at least three times before beginning any Kundalini Yoga practice? The Adi Mantra: “Ong Namo, Guroo Dev Namo.” Ong Namo means, “I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, Creator of the Universe, the totality of all things that exist.” Guroo Dev Namo means “I bow to the Divine Wisdom within my own consciousness.” You are telling your subconscious you are ready for great uplifting transformation.


Sit in easy pose crossed legged on the floor or in a chair with two feet on the ground. It is optimal to be barefoot as the feet contain seventy two thousand nerve endings that connect to and expand the energy and health in the body and your relationship with the earth. Sit up tall so your spine is a straight as possible. Consciously open your heart by relaxing your shoulders back and down. Make sure to tuck your chin in slightly to lengthen the back of your neck. Press your hands pressed together at the center of your chest in Prayer pose. The joints of the thumbs are pressing into sternum. Close your eyes and focus at your third eye point between your eyebrows. Inhale deeply and chant the mantra all in one breath. (Or take a small sip of air after “Ong Namo” through the mouth and then chant the rest of the mantra, extending the sound as long as possible. The sound “Dev” is chanted a minor third higher than the other sounds of the mantra. TO END Bring your hands into prayer pose and say, “SAT NAM” – SAT rhymes with but. SAT means truth, NAM means essence.

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Meditation will give pregnant women the power of focus to choose how you feel and give you the clarity to direct your energy for ultimate happiness and excellence. Meditation will help you to relax, sleep better, liberate more energy, and realize and unitize the best parts of your mind. The key to success is focus. In meditation try to focus more clearly that the last time you meditated. Get into it and put everything you have happily into all that you do. This is a great principle for victory.

Traditionally a meditation is done for 40 days. 40 Days has historically been known as a very sacred time period. It is a length of time often referred to in many ancient scriptures for enacting change. Doing something for 40 days can make or break a habit in a person. If you are consistent in your personal practice, it can clear old subconscious patterns, set up new positive patterns, and change your life for the better. I highly recommend trying a meditation for 40 days in a row. The number 40 is significant in Indian, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and middle eastern traditions. It signifies great cleansing.

Alexandra is a creative yogi. Her purpose is to share and inspire luminescent positivity and prosperity in loving life to the fullest happiness. She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. She teaches all over Los Angeles and holds retreats and workshops worldwide. You can join her in a yoga class online here.