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5 Fully Funded Female-Run Kickstarter Campaigns You’ll Want To Support

5 Fully Funded Female-Run Kickstarter Campaigns You’ll Want To Support

5 Fully Funded Female-Run Kickstarter Campaigns You'll Want To Support

Women run the world, this we know. Below is a review of five Kickstarter campaigns where ambitious women have been provided with a platform to jump to new heights. 

The Boss Lady Planner: a Simple System for Massive Results

By Shawna Brea

Ladies want to achieve great business success like a boss, right? Well, The Boss Lady Planner is just what you need. This planner is simple and foolproof, helping ladies worldwide organize their big business goals and translate them into daily action. What better template for success for the true boss lady! With a big vision in mind, ladies add meaning to their weekly work while staying focused on their goals. The planner helps in achieving this by eliminating distracting tasks and sorting your week in less than 15 minutes. Busy, ambitious ladies swear by this planner!

Posture Keeper: Pain Relief & Perfect Posture in 60 Seconds

By Shirley Tan

Neck and back pain will be a thing of the past. Your future? Looking taller with more confidence. All thanks to the posture keeper! The posture keeper improves posture and relieves pain in 60 seconds. You will be sleeping like a baby! Most people often think it’s how long you sit that kills your back. No! It is how you sit. A hunching back does a great deal of harm cumulatively to your back. With the posture keeper, you get to sit straight and concentrate more on your work because your lower back has the needed support. Setting up the keeper is very easy and takes only seconds. Save yourself from that cumulative injury. The posture keeper’s design allows for a wide range of uses, with the ability to fit a variety of chairs. The office, gaming room, dining, conference room are just but a few places you are likely to sit for long periods of time. You can now enjoy sitting while improving your posture.

Omnia Cheri: The Most Elegant Convertible Dress

By Evelyn

Ladies like to be associated with elegance and style! Well, the Omnia Cheri convertible dress is the whole package. With over 50 styles, the convertible dress is made up of a 2 sided cupro fabric which is very light and ideal for multiple events such as dates, parties, and bridesmaids. What better way to wear 50 dresses all in 1! Its design is unique and the dress rubs off this feature to all women in possession. The highlight is that the top, the bottom, and its loops blend well and can be improvised to create new looks other than the available 10. An open back and closed back are also options. You are only limited by your imagination!

Superpower Academy: Secret Missions for Your Child’s Success

By Pamela Joe

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Superman has his superhuman strength while Batman has his fits. Superpower Academy does not belong anywhere near that list of superheroes, but surely has the secret to your child’s success! Superpower Academy prepares your child for future leadership and innovation in a different way, ‘the learn by doing way’! Kids aged 5-10 are given the opportunity to learn and discover through open-ended play. Each package contains a skill (empathy, resilience, courage) building steam project, a comic book, hidden clues and surprises such as art for reflection and talking messages. Your child will have the chance to earn superpowers after completing personalized secret missions in training. Just like Superman, right?

The Ultimate Loungewear: Women’s Pocket Boxers

By Samantha Stelz

Are boxers only for men? Not anymore! Women’s pocket boxers made of 100% cotton and with pockets are for women! The shorts can be used as boxers, sleepwear, and loungewear shorts. Women no longer need to shop in the men’s section for comfy shorts. The shorts are designed with the female body in mind, meaning they are comfortable and fit perfectly. Its material, light and breathable, further increase the feel-good factor when you wear these fashionable and stylish shorts. 

Following such inspirational stories ought to kick-start and drive on women in their pursuit of happiness and greatness in the business world. I know I am inspired!   

Shawna Brea holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and has been running her own marketing agency for the last 5+ years while simultaneously raising two boys under two. Her recent passion project, The Launch Planner, has been wildly successful, selling out of their first production run of launch planners earlier this year and most recently being fully funded on Kickstarter.