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Moms Need Our Own Lobby

Moms Need Our Own Lobby

Childcare that costs more than college, a gun violence epidemic, a potential national ban on abortion, and even a baby formula shortage. American moms are not okay, and we’re fed up with the status quo. 

One week ago Vote Mama PAC  launched the Vote Mama Lobby — a political empowerment app that mobilizes fed-up moms to build an organized voting bloc, volunteer for Vote Mama endorsed candidates, and lobby for truly family-friendly policies. Because when gun lobbyists, the fossil fuel industry, and big pharma have more influence on our government than moms do — it’s time to fight back. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Actress and New York Times Bestselling Author Busy Philipps, and Democratic mama candidates and legislators from across the country were featured in the Vote Mama Lobby launch video and social media campaign on Twitter and Instagram.

The Mama Lobby is here for moms who are fed-up with our children being targeted in schools – both by guns and by oppressive groups like Moms for Liberty who are pushing dangerous policies that threaten our children’s autonomy and very right to exist as they are. The Mama Lobby is here for moms who are fed-up with our reproductive rights hanging in the balance and our daughters growing up with less autonomy than our sons. The Mama Lobby is here for moms who want to ensure our children can inherit a planet that is safe, healthy, and livable. 

The Conservative movement has long operated under the guise of ‘family values.’ But, the reality is by refusing to enact paid family leave and affordable childcare, voting against solving the formula shortage, and now introducing a national ban on abortion – they have shown nothing but contempt for women, children, and families. The Vote Mama Lobby exists because it’s time for fed-up moms to write our own rules. 


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For far too long women – especially moms of young children – have been left out of the conversation, out of office, and out of power.  And our policies are a reflection of that. Guns are now the leading cause of death for American children. The United States is one of only two countries with no national paid family and medical leave. One in four moms return to work just 10 DAYS after giving birth. 

The reality is, by the time most moms realize how bad our policies are, we are too busy trying to survive motherhood and can’t go out and fight for systemic change. We need to change what activism and campaigning looks like so that moms can participate – that’s exactly why the Vote Mama Lobby exists. The Mama Lobby levels the political playing field and reshapes our civic and political landscape that has often excluded moms. 

From first-time volunteers to politicos, the Vote Mama Lobby is designed to meet moms where they are and discover mama-accessible opportunities to volunteer, be heard, and practice civic self-care. 

So join the #MamaLobby and say hello to stroller-friendly activities, advocacy you can manage in between pick-ups, and meaningful ways to connect with fellow moms on a mission. Along the way you will find advocacy opportunities, community, and solidarity on the app that is built by moms for moms.

The Vote Mama Lobby app is available to download on iOS and Android devices. Additional information is available on the Vote Mama Lobby website. Keep up with the Mama Lobby by using the #MamaLobby hashtag, and by following @votemama.lobby on Instagram and @VoteMamaPAC on Twitter. 

More on Vote Mama: Since launching in 2019, the Vote Mama PAC has helped more than 400 Democratic moms run for office in 31 states. Vote Mama Foundation has successfully legalized the use of Campaign Funds for Childcare in 26 states and serves as the leading source of research and analysis on the political representation of mothers in the United States. The Vote Mama Lobby inspires and engages moms to volunteer for Democratic mama candidates and advocate for truly family-friendly legislation and gives mama candidates and elected moms the opportunity to connect and share resources.