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5 Things To Do Before The Summer Is Over

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Summer is winding down, which means (depending on your age) that there are mere days left to drink too much tequila and make out with a stranger or you’re counting down the hours til your kids go back to school. Either way – do not forget to take advantage of the joys of summer while you still can. You probably made an effort to prepare for the start of summer, such as buying new swimwear or contacting ac installation companies to make sure you could keep cool inside, but making the most of the end of summer is just as important. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t forget to do before it’s really, truly gone.

  1. Use up those invitations! If someone has invited you out to their summer home for a day or weekend — GO! It’ll be another 350 days before the invite becomes usable again. Don’t forget to be a good guest and always clean up after yourself and bring a hostess gift. We love to bring candles, wine, photo table books, and good beach towels as gifts – all extremely welcome for a second home. No invites? Air BnB options can be plentiful in the next few weeks as people drop out of their reservations last minute or home owners are desperate to fill in the last slots of summer.

    Use our AirBnb Link to get $40 off your first reservation!

    Use our AirBnb Link (click the image above) to get $40 off your first reservation!

  2. Dress your kid or dog up in a summer sailor outfit. It’s too cute to be cheesy, and too classic to be absurd.
    Sailor Bobby Suit, $52.95 @feltmanbrothers.com

    Sailor Bobby Suit, $52.95 @feltmanbrothers.com

    Sailor Nautical Costume for Small Dogs and Cats , $12.95 @amazon.com

    Sailor Nautical Costume for Small Dogs and Cats , $12.95 @amazon.com

  3. Shop end of summer sales. Most of your favorite brands and websites are on serious sale right now as shopping hits its all time yearly low in the dog days of summer. Now is the best time to go and buy yourself an air conditioning unit or a quality box fan as retailers often discount the prices in preparation of autumn!
  4. Make summery/ seasonal foods! Now is the time for sangria, slushies, collard wraps, juicy tomatoes, raw foods, piles of berries, grilled bbq, and squash dishes! Take advantage of the fresh, happy produce while you can.

    Rainbow Veggie Sandwich from HealthyHappyLife.com

    Rainbow Veggie Sandwich from HealthyHappyLife.com

  5. Take breaks from outdoor activities to prep your home for fall by donating whatever you don’t need so you’re all ready for fall clothes and gear.


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