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Why This 24 Year Old Polititican Needs To Be On Your Radar Right Now

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Erin Schrode, a 24-year-old citizen activist, rabble-rousing educator, social entrepreneur, global woman, and longtime GirlieGirl Army contributor is an official candidate for United States Congress in her hometown of California’s District 2 – stretching from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border along the Pacific coast. Erin is a community organizer, and vocal advocate for environmental action, social justice, public health, and responsible consumption – who just announced her campaign to run for US Congress in California’s District 2. Since co-founding Turning Green in 2005, she has developed education and social action platforms to inspire, educate, and mobilize millions of students and the global public with this non-profit and beyond. Erin is the eco correspondent for Fusion (ABC and Univision’s new joint venture), speaks internationally, and consults with corporations, organizations, and governments on millennials, sustainability, and social good. This young leader has been featured in and tapped as an expert for the NY Times, Vanity Fair, ABC, CNN, Seventeen Magazine, and various multimedia outlets. As The White House said, Erin “is a dynamic, passionate and ambitious young woman committed to creating big change everywhere she goes.” She champions active citizenry and environmental stewardship worldwide, launching a youth education project in Haiti, writing curriculum for an eco education center for Palestinian, Israeli, and Jordanian youth, developing recycling infrastructure in Ghana, and recently working with Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan refugees in the Mediterranean. From her hometown of Marin County, California to New York University to seventy nations around the globe, this innovative entrepreneur is on a lifelong journey to inspire people to action that ensures a just, safe, thriving world for future generations.

This 24-year-old citizen activist, rabble-rousing educator, social entrepreneur, and proud global woman is an official candidate for United States Congress in my hometown of California's District 2

This 24-year-old citizen activist, rabble-rousing educator, social entrepreneur, and proud global woman is an official candidate for United States Congress

Beyond that.. she’s our friend. She’s vegan. She’s kind and brilliant. And she’s amazing – we trust her with our life. If we’ve ever met a powerhouse in our lifetime, it’s this young woman. VOTE ERIN!

Here’s her note to her GGA crew:

Attention Girlie Girl Army: I am running for United States Congress. This is not a drill. This is real life. This 24-year-old proud vegan woman, citizen activist, rabble-rousing educator, social entrepreneur, and global explorer is an official candidate in my hometown of California’s District 2. The extraordinarily beautiful piece of land with progressive thinkers runs from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border along the west coast.

I can think of no better way to serve our community, country or world at this moment in time. Change does not roll in on the heels of inevitability – and when too many of us are being ignored, excluded, or discriminated against, we cannot afford to shun the political arena. I seek to redefine civic engagement, reinvigorate a culture of public service, expand the definition of who can be a politician, and infuse meaning into the very act of running. I believe that we can harness the power of innovation and collaboration to deliver strong, practical solutions on today’s most pressing issues, like global and environmental health, learning and the future of work, and human rights (which are women’s rights) domestic and abroad.

It remains my firm belief that democracy should be representative, but 51% of our population is women and 35% of our population is under 30, yet there has NEVER been a woman under 30 elected to United States Congress. We need diversity and representation in a democracy, people who have the courage to challenge convention and establishment with new ideas, energy, and integrity. Millennial and female participation will shape the nation. Progressive thinkers are disrupting with intention. Historically marginalized voices are uniting in chorus. The largest voting demographic of present and future will not stop short of change.

We just launched the campaign digitally at, with a Medium article, and across all social channels. To build a grassroots movement, we need the support of engaged individuals and communities the world over.

Erin in Haiti Erin Speaking ErinSchrodePanel

Join us and…

Donate money to our campaign; it’s a grassroots uphill battle that requires funds!

Share my Facebook announcement, post about the #ErinForUs movement, watch the Facebook live launch video, and follow @ErinSchrode on Twitter and Instagram and our new Facebook hub “Erin For Us.” The campaign also has @ErinForUs handles on Twitter and Instagram with stellar content.


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