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What Makes A Good Morning? See It Put To The (Scientific) Test

What Makes A Good Morning? See It Put To The (Scientific) Test

Nordic people are among the happiest people on earth, according to several studies. However, this does not apply for mornings. One of three Scandinavians start their weekday mornings in a bad mood.

A good morning set the tone for a good day, a good week – and ultimately a happier, healthier and better life. At the same time, a good morning provides a positive mental attitude that reflects on your surroundings. In other words, a good start to the day is important, both for our personal well-being and for our performance as a nation.

Even though Nordic people on several occasions have been crowned the happiest people on earth, the morning mood is somewhat lagging behind. Thus, close to half the population in the Nordic countries (49,3 %) writes off themselves as morning persons, while one out of three  (32%) start their weekday mornings in a bad mood.

How To Have A Good Morning Every Day

Therefore, Rynkeby God Morgon (a Scandinavian juice company) has launched a mission to improve the Nordic morning mood and inspire for better mornings – through new insights, mood measurements and motivation.

“We are now launching an ambitious project to improve the Nordic morning mood. We will gather experience on what makes a good morning: From morning tips to studies on our morning rituals across the Nordic region. As part of this, we have tested the morning moods of two Scandinavians, who are far away from the dark and dismal winter mornings,” Global Marketing Manager at Rynkeby Foods Lone Brandt explains.

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She continues:

“The test shows that we through both physical activity, mental well-being, a good breakfast, good morning routines and good company can achieve well-being and mentally surplus in the morning. In particular, the company of others is a decisive factor for our good mood. Hopefully this can inspire others to make their mornings a little better.”

Watch this amazing video to see what improved these people’s mornings:

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