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Hundreds Of Dogs Rescued From Chinas Meat Trade

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Seven hundred dogs rescued from the meat trade in China are receiving veterinary support, including vaccinations, from animal welfare group Animals Asia.

Animals Asia is assisting Qiming animal shelter – one of a number of shelters that has housed dogs allocated by Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association following the rescue.  In addition, some dogs have already been claimed by owners, and volunteers have also adopted a number of unclaimed dogs.

Here’s a typical scene from the dog meat trade in China… can you stomach it?

The rescue took place recently in the Qijiang District of Chongqing when officials and activists forced the driver to pull over. Of the wide array of pedigree and mixed breeds discovered on board, many still had tags or collars suggesting they had been stolen from homes.

Animals Asia’s founder and CEO Jill Robinson commented:

“The officials and activists who saved these dogs from the slaughterhouse would have been well aware of the wider responsibility that came with their actions.  In rescuing the dogs they were effectively taking ownership of them at a time when the dogs had already suffered a great deal and many were ill.  Beyond the good news of dogs being reclaimed by their carers, and healthy dogs adopted by animal lovers, there remains a huge responsibility to the rest of the rescued animals.”

Animals Asia’s China Cat and Dog Welfare Manager, Suki Deng added:

“These are dogs that otherwise would already be dead – the next step is to ensure that as many as possible make it through their ordeal. Our vets will join the activists, volunteers and shelter workers in assisting with the dogs, providing their services while also offering professional advice to those who will continue to care for the dogs.”

You can help by donating to Animals Asia to help them continue this crucial work.

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