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BREAKING NEWS: 800 Caged Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Trade In Chengdu, China

BREAKING NEWS: 800 Caged Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Trade In Chengdu, China

A news story is breaking in China that animal welfare groups from Chengdu have intercepted a truck in Zi Gong City, Sichuan Province containing approximately 800 caged dogs destined for the famous dog-eating region of Guangxi, Guilin.

The rescue was led by two local groups, Qi Meng and Home of Love. The trader was compensated for the financial losses incurred, in exchange for the dogs, and a signed agreement with the groups and government authorities, to withdraw from the dog meat industry entirely. If the agreement is broken, the groups will take legal action involving the government.

After fierce negotiation, they agreed to pay the trader RMB83,600. RMB60,000 was for the dogs and the remainder for the cost of the cages.

The dogs are in very poor condition. Several are dead and many are sick, diseased and badly injured. They are currently being divided into quarantine areas within the compounds of the two groups, and prioritized for care.

Animals Asia is in constant contact with these groups, and has pledged emergency funds for food and medical help, and offered technical support where required.  Local vets have also begun offering their assistance together with the Chengdu Veterinary Association.

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Animals Asia’s founder and CEO, Dr Jill Robinson MBE, has issued the following comment:

“This exposes the plight of millions of animals caught up in the dog and cat meat trade in China. Animals rife with disease are transported over several days without food, water or shade. The cruelty and suffering is utterly unacceptable. Many of these dogs will have been stolen – much loved family members taken from people’s homes by thieves who sell them on to the trade.”

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