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Own A Gretchen Ryan!

Own A Gretchen Ryan!

Courtney Love is obsessed with her.   She’s supermodel gorgeous, sweet as ripe dates, talented beyond rangoon, and a devoted animal rescuer and vegan.  Who are we talking about? The prolific artist, Gretchen Ryan.

And while you not be able to afford the many thousands her work usually goes for, you now have a unique opportunity to support her care.

From Gretchen;

As many of you know, I have paralysis and use a wheelchair as the result of a car accident I was involved in as a teenager. For the first time since then, I have found real hope in regaining lost mobility, as well as my overall health and physical well-being, in an amazing new therapy, Locomotor Training, I have begun at Nextstep Fitness in Redondo Beach, CA. The technique is an activity-based therapy that works to retrain the spinal cord to “remember” the pattern of walking again. I have met Nextstep clients who have recovered from paralysis to the extent that they can walk with a walker, pedal a recumbent bike and even stand freely.
You must know how you feel after sitting down an eight hour day. If you can imagine what sitting for almost 20 years would be like, you can get an idea of the tremendous joy and excitement I feel over getting to be a participant in Nextstep’s program!

Locomotor Training therapy is long-term, results are seen after months and years of treatment. The potential for recovery differs for each individual, but the key element in success seems to be time and repetition, and the benefit is always improved strength and health. I feel that it holds tremendous potential for me personally, and will do all I can to stick with it for as long as possible. The cost is $1200-1600 per month, as the training requires four physical therapists at a time. I have begun my journey there thanks to two generous scholarships; thank you to Adam Gayner and Fred bottled water, and the Lomita-Torrance Airport Rotary!

In effort to continue therapy, I am raising funds with a special, limited edition print of Bambi, a work on paper from my new exhibition at the beautiful, ever-supportive gallery, Fred Torres Collaborations.

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We hope our sisterhood of army soldiers come together to support Gretchen and her unique opportunity.  Owning a Gretchen Ryan piece is like having a little bit of heaven in your home.

For a contribution of $100 or more to Nextstep, you will receive one of Gretchen’s limited edition prints of Bambi.

To purchase a print, visit the Nextstep donations page and fill in your information.
In the Program Designation field and select “Bambi Print.”
Fred Torres Collaborations, will mail your print directly. Thank you!

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