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Absolutely Mad For: Weekly Favorites!

Absolutely Mad For: Weekly Favorites!

As Little Edie, in one of our favorite pictures “Grey Gardens” spontaneously combusted; “I’m mad about the Maysles!” Here are some things we are just mad for this very week;


This eco friendly bracelet, made from recycled tires and metals, is not only very rock n roll – it’s all about raising big money for your causes.   Brought to you by the divas White Apricot, each bracelet sells for $10, and $5 from each sale is donated to the charity or charities associated with its cause.   Currently there are 10 different bracelets, representing 10 causes (AIDS, Cancer, World Hunger, Global Warming, Animal Rights, and more).   These are so much cooler than Lance Armstrong’s rubbery brethren.   If we did Christmas, we’d say these we marvelous stocking stuffers.


Sayonara La Mer face cream, and your overpriced and chemical filled silicone sisters.   Lettuce introduce you to Duchess Marden products.   Nary could a line be more aptly named – these products are sheer royalty.   Not only do they smell like Aphrodite herself (the line prides itself on being a “scentuous” experience), they line our bathroom cabinets as if Princess Caroline herself lives in our one bedroom apartment.   We finally found a line that not only delivers, but is completely eco, natural, plant-based, and mostly vegan.   This is the decadent line *real* Queens should be wearing at night (don’t get it twisted fake jug sportin’ McCain voting Hasselback lovers, you can stick to being robbed blind by La Mer for all we care).   Buy the line online or at Whole Foods or at your favorite fancy organic spa.     The Rose Water Spritz is just heavenly.   You’ll want to have an errand boy spritzing it in front of you as you walk.   Yea, we said it.   Errand boy.


The Goddess Cards DO not lie. Call us hippies or crazies (you wouldn’t be entirely off base) all you want,   but when we pull our nightly “Goddess Card” (think Lakshmi, Isis, Athena) from this tarot-like deck, something really woo woo happens.   There has never been a time where we haven’t been told something incredibly meaningful through this deck of cards.   Simply put, they are special.   Perhaps its all in the believing but this deck of oracle cards, and it’s accompanying guide book, gives us the most accurate quasi-readings we have ever had and bring us as close to divine magic as we’ve ever encountered.


Us vegan gals with voluptuous, juicy lips know what we mean when we say, most vegan lip balms are sub par to most bee vomit addled varieties.   Our pucker needs a lip balm with heft and substance!   We got you covered, Sis!   Here’s the scoop; this lip balm is $3, organic, vegan (duh), and has the following ingredients;   Organic Palm Oil, Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Candelilla Wax, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Essential Oil of Spearmint, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary Extract, and Vitamin C.   Good enough to eat?   It gets better; PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics is the first cosmetic line to give all of its proceeds, after tax distributable profits, to Women’s Health Advocacy and Human Rights issues. Buy some now.

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Stay tuned to next weeks “Mad for the Maysles” Favorites!!!   To submit a product for review for our Favorites, email us, yo.


After seeing “Religulous,” we may feel mildly foolish wearing any religious accoutrement, but for those of you who still dare to worship, enjoy Jewish Rosaries.   When we saw our Sister Kate rocking one of these bad boys, we immediatly said “WE WANT IT!!!”   No longer the property of Christians only, you can now enjoy your very own Rosary, Shlomo.     The badass Jewess who design the line, Carlen Altman, always loved the look of the Rosary, but couldn’t bear to freak out her Grandma with a honking Crucifix.   Problem solved!   Get your hamsa on!   Navigating this site is like being on LSD in Pee Wee’s Playhouse.   Consider yourself warned.


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