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Dear Me, I am So In Love With You Today

Dear Me, I am So In Love With You Today

In need of a little spirit boosting today?   Why not remind yourself how much you have (and will always) love YOU.   Is it that devilish way you make yourself giggle, or the way you make yourself gourmet tea every morning without fail?   Whatever it is, you have every reason to be in love with you.

Print out this darling image (by our friend SARK) and post it on your mirror, fridge, desk.. or wherever else you know you will look today.   Remind yourself that you are utterly delicious and endlessly lovable.

SARK is a best-selling author and artist, with over fifteen titles in print and well over two million books sold. If you haven’t read any of her books – have you been hiding under a rock? Her sisterspeak, heart liftingly delicious prose, and bright imaginative imagery has lifted us out of many a hard time and crap mood here at GGA HQ. Chloe Jo Davis (GirlieGirl Army Founder) had a chance to interview her with Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute a while back. Watch that interview here and learn more about SARK (and get some more delicious inspiration at;

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