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Help 3 Young Environmental Activists from NYC Save Our Oceans!

Help 3 Young Environmental Activists from NYC Save Our Oceans!

You heard us talk about the No Plastic Fantastic Voyage a few months ago when the team scoured the country for 3 young, bright kids to take the journey of a lifetime. Since then, they chose three bright stars and future change-makers Mia Jay-Pachirat (12 years old), Emilia Bertoli (12 years old), and Danica Parr (9 years old) who are now raising funds to participate in the Youth Action Island Summit hosted by the incredible organization 5 Gyres next month in the Bahamas. They will return to NYC empowered to implement programs to reduce and eliminate plastic consumption in the city. Because much of the plastic pollution in the Bahamas originates in NYC, this is a problem New Yorkers must act on—and these NYC girls need your help.

Please make a donation of $5, $20, $50, or any amount you can afford to save our oceans and the stop the tragic effects of plastic pollution on sea animals and our entire ecosystem.


You can make a difference today by empowering these three young leaders of tomorrow to take action. WATCH the videos these inspiring girls created. WATCH artist Chris Jordan’s stunningly powerful four-minute video about plastic in our oceans. Time is short as funds must be raised by June 3Make a donation now to help Mia, Emilia, and Danica!

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