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6 Ways To Turn Your Home Eco-Chic

6 Ways To Turn Your Home Eco-Chic

Are you committed (or thinking about committing) to a sustainable lifestyle? If so, you’ll want your home to reflect that choice. There are lots of affordable and innovative ways to make your home look distinctive and stylish without wreaking havoc on the earth. Read on to explore ways to repurpose like a pro, make smarter renovation choices, and keep your home healthy, all while being mindful of your carbon footprint. Checking out can give you an idea of how to implement more eco friendly home improvements into your home. To add to this, you can save money further by researching getting a home warranty in case you need any replacements or repairs done on your home. You can discover more here if you think this might be a good idea for you.

If you’re looking to become more eco friendly then here are three very simple ways to started:

1. Switch over to low energy LED lightbulbs. They may cost a little more money up front, but you won’t need to change for at least 50,000 hours. You’ll probably notice a difference on your electric bill, too. To save money, you can just Google “electrical wholesale near me” and find a brilliant place to buy enough bulbs to light your home for a low price.

2. Start composting! You will be amazed at how much less waste will be going into your trash can (and ultimately the landfills). Meanwhile, you’ll be cultivating nutrient-rich soil to help your backyard garden thrive like never before.

3. Learn how to make your old household cleaners. You will save so much money. Plus, unless a cleaner is registered as a pesticide, it’s not regulated by the FDA or USDA. Save your family (and pets) from exposure to potentially unsafe chemicals.

If you’ve implemented these changes to your home already then here are some more ways to make your home more eco:

6 Ways To Turn Your Home Eco-Chic

Add Houseplants That Clean Your Air

If you look up, “common indoor air pollutants,” the list is scary! Some of the most common pollutants are pollen, dander, and mold, but depending on the types of chemicals that you use to clean your home, how often you replace your Air Filter and fix up the Air Handlers, and whether or not your fireplace is up to code, you could be exposing yourself to far more dangerous toxins.

Houseplants are NOT a cure-all for keeping your home air clean (if you are worried, definitely consult a professional), but they can help to remove some specific contaminants from your air. Care2 has an extensive list of common household plants that can remove a variety of chemicals from the air you breathe including benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. Additionally, aloe vera plants are always handy to keep in the kitchen as a natural aid to soothe a burn. The best thing is, you can find a variety of indoor plants australia way and in your country or local area too so you can choose which plants you think will be best for your home.

Don’t forget about the benefits of various plants for your outdoor spaces as well. If you’re looking to avoid heavy pesticides, plants like basil, lemongrass, citronella, and marigolds have all been shown to repel mosquitoes and other pests.

Save Money and Invest in Eco-Friendly and Stunning Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen counters can be one of the most expensive investments you’ll make in your home. While granite and marble are lovely, they take a toll on the earth. Why not choose a more unexpected and green alternative such as reclaimed wood? You could check these Reclaimed Wood Guide on how to style the countertops. The look and durability of these more sustainable options also won’t hurt your home’s resale value. In fact, more and more studies show that buyers want sustainable home features.

I love this countertop (pictured) made from recycled glass, stone, shells, and low-carbon cement.

Check out options like reclaimed wood, recycled paper, and recycled glass.

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Give Your Tin Cans a Second Life

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I can spend a fortune at The Container Store or Target on all sorts of stylish boxes and containers for use all over my home and my office. If you buy canned vegetables though those tin cans provide a blank canvas for you to really get creative. Add inexpensive sticky kitchen backsplash tile to create a modern look, or wrap in cork so that you can pin notes to yourself or guests, as well as pictures or sayings that will keep you inspired.

Check Out Flea Markets for Old Doors–Windows are Great, Too!

Old doors can be so beautiful and repurposed in so many unexpected ways! My brother recently found one placed out with the trash by the curb, painted it, and hung it horizontally to create a very unique headboard. For example, old Victorian doors can find new lives as bookshelves, dining room tables, desks, and even frames for large scale art work (pictured). I particularly love how these doors (pictured) have been transformed into the perfect little nook for a foyer or mudroom.

Get Creative With the Holidays–Start Your Own Traditions

How many pumpkins do you think are harvested and shipped all over the world for one night of display on Halloween? Wrap your mind around the millions of Christmas trees grown and transported each year. Sure the holidays are fun, and we love our traditions, but why not get a little creative with those traditions and look for DIY alternatives that your family can create together. I bet the end result will feel even more special!

Don’t Forget Your Patio!

Do you have a deck or patio that is structurally sound, but doesn’t look great? Give it a facelift with envirotiles. Envirotiles are produced from 100% rubber tires that have been diverted from landfills. They can go directly on top of any flat surface to really give your patio a polished look. They hold up to all weather conditions, so they do not need to be removed seasonally. They can also be cleaned easily with a garden hose and a mild soap. Alternatively, you could look into high pressure washers and either borrow or purchase one to give your patio a really deep clean. This way, the dirt and grit between the grooves are easily accessed by the high pressured water. Additionally, the grooves on the bottom of the tiles create a much needed avenue for drainage. They can heat up in the summer time though so be sure to be mindful about footwear.

If you are truly committed to making your home more eco-friendly, consider going beyond decor and practice sustainability whenever possible.

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