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Activist Glamazons: Use Your Voice Today For Animals In Need!

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We know you care about fashion and dating, but darlings.. there are some things simply more important than the perfect lip gloss, and that is using your voice for those without a voice.   This Tuesday, two crucial laws will go to vote and we need your fabulous voices to speak up – loud and proud – to represent for the animals.   Seriously, Oreo’s Law and Bill A09732 WILL “die” without your calls, emails, and letters.

Oreo’s Law and Bill AO9732 will be voted on by the New York State (NYS) Assembly Agriculture Committee. But it is not likely to pass without a large showing of community support between now and then. That is because the Committee Chairman is recommending a hold, the equivalent of being tabled, which would mean Oreo’s Law would die in committee, despite the fact that it has legislative cosponsors across the state and supporters outnumber the opposition. If Oreo’s Law is defeated, thousands upon thousands of cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits, and other animals will continue to be needlessly killed in NYS shelters every year animals Oreo’s Law has the power to save. A statewide survey of NYS rescue groups found that over 70% were being turned away because the shelters were hostile to rescue groups, and then those shelters turned around and killed the very animals the rescuers were willing to save. Shelter directors across New York State are arbitrarily turning away qualified rescue groups because they are hostile to rescue and arbitrarily refuse to work with them. We have experienced this time and time again, right here in Orange County, in our own backyard. Time and again we offer to take in animals that other local shelters are about to kill and they turn us away and laugh about it. THIS HAS TO STOP!

EMAIL ALL THE AG MEMBERS WITH ONE CLICK! Just click this link and it will do everything FOR you.

Why should animals across New York State be killed even though rescue groups have offered to save these animals? Today, those animals are ending up in landfills, when they should be going to rescue groups where they will be cared for at no cost to taxpayers until a permanent and loving home can be found. Oreo’s Law would give NYS shelter animals that future. The law would make it illegal for a shelter to kill an animal if a qualified rescue group is willing to save that animal’s life. Oreo’s Law was written with the assistance of the nation’s top animal lawyers, the nation’s most successful former and current shelter directors, and those who have actually created successful No Kill communities (which neither the ASPCA nor Mayor’s Alliance, Oreo’s Law chief opponents, have been able to do despite hundreds of millions of dollars in combined annual revenues).

It saves lives and it saves money. And it protects against hoarders, abusers, and dog fighters.

So the animals need you. They need the voice of the people, every day animal lovers, and rescuers to speak for them. They need you to call committee members and urge them to vote “Yes.” Because they don’t have anyone else and only an overwhelming show of support can save Oreo’s Law from defeat and the animals from certain death.

WITHOUT YOU MAKING THESE CALLS AND SENDING THESE EMAILS – OREO’S LAW is dead – just like Oreo is today, even though Pets Alive offered to give her sanctuary.



Tragically, right doesn’t always defeat might. Sometimes the animals don’t win. Sometimes they continue to get killed despite a readily available lifesaving and rescue alternative. Sometimes a feral kitten who a rescue group is willing to socialize and place in a loving home will instead get injected with poison from a bottle marked fatal plus and then dumped in a landfill. Sometimes a puppy who can go to rescue and be guaranteed a home will be killed instead. Sometimes a person who kills an abused dog a rescue group was willing to save gets away with murder. For their sake, please do not let this be one of those times. This may be the best chance we have as a generation to make a PURPOSEFUL POSITIVE impact for animals! We can change the world here folks – please. Help. This is critical. Time is of the essence. Don’t think about it – take a few moments to send an email or make a call.

This is Oreo. She was killed even though Pets Alive offered her sanctuary. Dont let this happen to another animals.

Oreo was killed even though Pets Alive offered her sanctuary. Don't let this happen to another animals.

Thank you to Nathan Winograd for compiling much of this text.

Also on the decks this week;

New York State Residents: Your Help Urgently Needed to End the Cruel Practice of Tail Docking: NY STATE COMMITTEE VOTES TOMORROW TUES 6/15

Courtesy AWIC
Docked Tail

At dairy farms across the nation it’s common to use the tool above to chop off a big part of a dairy cow’s tail, so workers don’t have to clean feces off udders as often. The wound is cauterized afterward with a hot iron. This is all done without anesthesia and, as an extension of the cow’s spine, you can only imagine how painful it is.

If you live in NY State your voice is urgently needed to help farmed animals. Please contact your district representative today (lookup by zip code here) by phone or email to encourage him or her to support the Bill A09732 to ban the cruel practice of tail docking dairy cows. California passed similar legislation recently.

This bill will come up for a vote in the New York State Assembly Agriculture Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15! Representatives from factory farms are fighting hard to prevent this bill from ever passing the committee, so the cows desperately need you to invest just a few minutes of your time RIGHT NOWS to prevent unnecessary mutilation.

Thanks for the alert above via Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. d says:

    Per Oreo’s Law: PLEASE think this through: 1st, STOP using the word “kill” — animals in shelters are humanely euthanized, ending their suffering, because there is simply not enough funding and space for these creatures, NOR are there enough WONDERFUL (not just adequate) homes to provide for them. Fostering, then adopting out is VERY stressful and sad for an animal, who needs to find a FOREVER home, not a temporary one. Nor is it ok for an animal to languish in a rescue or “no-kill” shelter cage/pen for a long period of time. These certified rescue groups should not always be trusted by city-run shelters for the reasons above and more. The money these rescue groups use towards medical bills and fostering can be better spent on spay/neuter programs, adoption programs for city shelters, and pushing for harsher criminal penalties and more convictions for abuse to animals. The only humane option for these animals is euthanasia, and ALWAYS ADOPT – NEVER BUY an animal, and SPAY + NEUTER!

  2. jamessina says:

    I have looked for the result of yesterday’s vote in NY on the tail docking legsilation and cannot find a concrete answer- it simple says ‘held for consideration in agriculture’
    does anyone have the follow up?

  3. Chastity says:


    There is such a thing as an effective No Kill Nation. “Humanely euthanizing” is KILLING and nothing but.

  4. Chastity says:

    PS I encourage everyone to use the REAL terms instead of sugar coated ones that will create further cognitive dissonance and apathy towards nonhuman animals.

  5. d says:

    Chastity: Then how about you spell out exactly where the funding and the space is going to come from to house and pay for the care of the 4 million animals a year who do not leave the shelter system for lack of good homes and space or who are stuck in a cage for years or bounced around to different homes — that is no quality of life for an animal. Until you have lived through the sheltering system, until you have held countless paws in your hands as they peacefully pass away because there is no money and there are no homes and there is cruelty to animals, then do NOT call it “killing” and do NOT kid yourself that there can be a “no-kill” nation.

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