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Do you CBD? If not, you should!

Do you CBD? If not, you should!

“When we are willing to stay, even a moment, with uncomfortable energy, we gradually learn not to fear it.” –Pema Chodron

Because you’re an in-the-know, hip kind of warrior wandering our troubled world as it attempts to establish a new way of being, you may already be enjoying the benefits of CBD in one form or another. You’re the kind of person who, as Pema Chodron says, consciously decides not to run when the going gets tough.

Just because your courage keeps you from fleeing mad moments, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t gather your peeps, your tools, your intuition to guide you and support you on the sometimes challenging journey to freedom.

In case you’re not yet on this particular train to tranquil, though, let’s explore here a little bit about CBD and how it has the potential to shift you out of physical and/or emotional/mental pain.

    1. CBD doesn’t make you high. Although CBD is only one of more than 60 recognized cannabis compounds that have been used medicinally for centuries, recent breeders have figured out how to isolate the CBD from its psychoactive partners. This is why hemp-derived CBD from places like Blessed CBD is becoming a legal way to calm down!
    2. 50+ CBD Benefits have been touted, even though nobody can legally tell you any of them are true. A few highly publicized positive outcomes from CBD usage include: reduction of epileptic seizures; pain relief; reduces inflammation, in such conditions as IBS, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis; recent research is showing that CBD could destroy cancer cells, which indicates that it may be used to not only assist with side effects of treatment by diminishing nausea, but possibly one day CBD will be enlisted to prevent cancer cells from growing in the first place.

If you didn’t know that the human body has its own endocannabinoid system (part of our neurotransmitter system), now’s the time to learn. What does this mean? The endocannabinoid system is a biological system comprised of cannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors, and enzymes that break down the cannabinoids. The reason cannabis treats so many conditions is because the cannabinoids it releases into our bodies stimulate our endocannabinoid systems, and that stimulation is like a shot of “feel good.”

Our remarkable human bodies are born with the ability to produce cannabinoids all on their own. We have two receptors, CB1 and CB2 receptors, and when we ingest CBD, it attaches to these receptors to create the effects. CB1 receptors are found in the brain and are activated with THC, the marijuana part that gets you stoned. But the CB2 receptors, more common in the immune system, deal with how we experience pain and inflammation. What has been more recently revealed, however, is that CBD influences the body to use more of its own cannabinoids.

Do Your Research

If you Google search CBD, your brain might catch on fire; there’s that much information out there, that many retailers selling CBD-related products. You can buy CBD in a plethora of forms, from candy, to creams, sprays, to tinctures. And even tea and coffee! Price varies, quality varies, and legality varies as well. If the CBD comes solely from hemp, it’s considered legal, as US federal law permits cultivation, processing, and marketing of hemp and hemp products. You can even buy it in any form on amazon! Many people swear by CBD oil and treats for their pets too!

Famous People Who Love CBD

  • Queen Victoria-found relief from menstrual cramps using CBD oil.
  • Whoopi Goldberg-loves her some CBD so much, she co-founded a medical cannabis company to help women with their monthly discomfort. Times they are a changing, that’s certain!
  • Morgan Freeman-found relief after a 2008 accident with medical cannabis, and enjoys his CBD to help alleviate chronic pain.
  • Dr. Oz-in 2015 suggested replacing opioids with cannabis to treat chronic pain.
  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta-supports the use of cannabis in the treatment of seizures.
  • Francis McDormand-is an cannabis lover, who may or may not specifically enjoy CBD.

Drinking Your CBD

Because oil and water don’t mix, and most CBD teas and coffee on the market use CBD oil to craft their products, Carlsbad, California-based Buddha Teas found a way around this scientific conundrum. They discovered a way to utilize an innovative process that produces nanosized particles of water-soluble CBD. What this means is that the CBD they claim exists in their teabags actually ends up in your tea. With water-soluble, bioavailable CBD you’ll likely feel the effects (and benefits) of the CBD more abundantly than when drinking teas that don’t use a powdered, water-soluble CBD. However, it must be noted that because cannabinoids need fat to be absorbed in the small intestine, they recommend enjoying their CBD tea with, or directly after, eating some food.

What people are saying

*Wendy, 86-years-old and dealing with a host of musculoskeletal pain issues, has been consuming an organic cannabis tincture for several years now. The product she chose is considered one that creates an “entourage” effect, in that the interactive synergy between the CBD and THC makes it more effective for certain conditions. This kind of “whole plant medicine” is said to be more effective than when taking just THC or just CBD, if a specific outcome is desired.

“It’s amazing how something I once never had any interest in is now part of my daily self-care routine. I admit, I was resistant at first, but I can’t imagine living without my tincture now.”

*Prior to being hired as Heady Harvest’s Director of Administration, Danae never tried CBD. Now she takes CBD for anxiety, as well as during the worst days of her cycle, as she says CBD helps her with the pain, bloating, and “moodiness.”

See Also

“I use the tincture the most, the CBD in coconut oil. It’s quick, it’s easy. When I’m having a really bad period it’s a life-saver.”

*Las Vegas, Nevada-based Be Well‘s Sophia Kangas is a passionate wellness practitioner, who enthusiastically sells a variety of Buddha Teas in her clinic. Recently, she began offering their CBD Teas, and her customers have shared with her that they’re benefiting from the teas a lot. “Our clients have said they’re sleeping better,” she affirms, adding, “they’re able to get out of their head, which is huge.”

Where to Start?!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of CBD product options available for purchase, you’re not alone. Be it online or in-store purchases, most dispensaries have POSaBIT Software or similar ones that help you with product details, custom discounts, and much more. Additionally, below you’ll find a list of questions/issues you might want to consider before embarking on your search for the CBD product that best matches your needs.

  • Know your budget.
  • What are your wellness goals? If you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, dysmenorrhea, or other ongoing issues, you’re going to want to budget in regular purchases.
  • Is organic/wild-harvested important?
  • Do you prefer products without artificial additives? Corn syrup-free?
  • Does the company employ sustainable practices? Give back programs?

Now that CBD has become commonplace in the growing health and wellness community, and in light of the current state of our turbulent political climate, we as the warriors need all the help we can get. With hemp-derived CBD readily available not only on site in various retail outlets nationwide, but through a wide variety of online sellers, perhaps it’s time to explore all that CBD has to offer. The only things you’ve got to lose are those it’s time to let go of anyway.

Claims in this post are not FDA approved. We recommend that you do your own research. The plentiful information out there is available to everyone.

Dina McQueen is the Content Writer for Buddha Teas. She lives with her husband and tween-age daughter in San Diego, and is an admitted cannabis lover, who may or may not specifically enjoy CBD.

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