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Afro Latina Mother Launches The Worlds First Hemp Fiber Period Products Company

Afro Latina Mother Launches The Worlds First Hemp Fiber Period Products Company

The idea for hemp period products came to founder Val Emanuel in 2020 from her great love for the plant as the perfect substitute for cotton. RIF stands for “Regenerative International Female.”  Hemp is regenerative; it creates cleaner air and healthier soil – so why aren’t we using it more?
Conventional chemistry is typically used to process natural fiber, but that can be extremely toxic to our environment. RIF uses clean processes to upgrade the hemp fiber. The end result is clean, smooth cottonized hemp that is of equal quality to fine cotton. Unlike cotton, the hemp plant yields many raw materials that are valuable to other industries outside of fiber. Hemp fibers have a relatively large surface area and are very water absorbent, more absorbent than cotton. 
Hemp is considered a carbon-negative crop, in that it sequesters more CO2 than it generates per harvest cycle. Hemp will produce 1500 pounds of fiber per acre, whereas cotton will produce only 500 pounds per acre Hemp has antibacterial properties which cotton doesn’t have. This means cotton entertains the growth of molds, fungi, etc. more easily than hemp. And worst of all – cotton cultivation is responsible for 25% of all chemical pesticides used on American crops .

RIF Founder Val Emmanuel

Val says;

I know the positive effects hemp has had on my life, and in my daily routine from food, to clothing and even medicine. Through research I learned that Hemp could be the perfect substitute for Cotton in absorbent products. It’s equally as absorbent as cotton and totally vagina safe. My goal with RIF is to prove Hemp is a truly superior fiber, and set a new standard for fibers used in period products. I am a mother, activist, and native Angeleno. RIF was born out of a personal need to make sexual health align with my personal values. Once I learned the product s we use have the ability to protect or to harm the planet, I knew I had to make a business that created a positive impact on the world. Regenerative innovations will lead the next generation of business and I want to blaze the trail for female founders.  I believe RIF can set a new  standard in regenerative and low waste business through period products.

RIF’s litany list of reasons to choose them over traditional period products include being chlorine free, free of synthetic materials, 100% biodegradable, and vagina safe. Their products are carbon neutral, and the hemp used to make their products helps farmers save water and pesticides as opposed to cotton farming. With RIF, women have the opportunity to go green and support the new regenerative agriculture movement, which aims to create products and business that make our world even better than how we found it.
RIFs founder, a domestic violence advocate and survivor, also wants to use RIF as a platform to talk about sexual, mental and emotional wellbeing. RIF donates 2% of all proceeds the Violence Intervention Project in Los Angeles.  RIF is out to tackle these health and environmental problems head on, and disrupt the period products industry, believing that women can help bring awareness to health and environmental issues by raising awareness on carbon negative, toxin free products.  
Val says;

More than 90% of women we polled on our Instagram said they would use a hemp based period product. Hemp is 100% vagina safe, and our partners make the softest hemp on the planet, they basically can turn hemp fibers into cotton. It’s free of bleach, dye and other chemicals often used in your average store bought period product.

And most importantly – they work! RIF products are designed for comfort and leak protection. The designs combine the ultra absorbent properties of hemp and cotton for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. 
The products retail for around the same price as organic cotton period products, at under $10 a box.  RIF also sells really delicious smelling, sexy oils to be used for the bod and beyond!

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How amazing is Val’s kickstarter video? Though her kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is over, and was successful, we want this company to win for all the reasons.  We are FANS of this gorgeous, brilliant, eco woman! Support this business with your LADY PARTS POWER today!

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