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Can You Remineralize Yourself Without Bone Broth?

Can You Remineralize Yourself Without Bone Broth?

Can You Remineralize Yourself Without Bone Broth?
You’ve read about it. Cavities are on the rise. So are skin problems, mood disorders, and sleep problems. And you’ve also heard about those supposedly miraculous meat-based diets, overflowing with bone broth and collagen. But what about those of us who want to stick to a plant-based diet? Can we reverse cavities, delay aging, have gorgeous hair and nails, and be bursting with energy despite years of pregnancies and back to back breastfeeding?

The answer is yes, according to the founders of the 6-weeks long Remineralize Your Body Now program  which is full of ancient wisdom mixed with modern science, and was successfully taken by grandmothers, men, mothers, and Hollywood stars like. And at the end of it, 100% of participants said they would recommend it to others (and they’ve been running it for more than 3 years now.) It’s about to be the new year, what do you have to lose to try something new to feel better?

Here’s the story from the founder herself;

Can You Remineralize Yourself Without Bone Broth?
Can You Remineralize Yourself Without Bone Broth?

Remineralize Your Body Now is a 6-weeks program targeted at sleep-deprived moms of young children, the mom who spent years giving for her family, and who would do it all over again…But finds herself sleep-deprived, moody, and ready to change things for the better. Our lives today are easily over-scheduled and over-demanding. It is said that 3 of the groups most prone to adrenal fatigue are entrepreneurs, women, and moms. If you have gone through pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, with the accompanying sleep deprivation, early mornings, stress schedules, rushed mealtimes, and more… Then you know what we’re talking about!

By taking the cultural and ancient secrets of traditional cultures whose diets are rich in all minerals and combining it with some good ol’ fashion modern science and clinical nutrition, we’ve created a powerful 6-week program to help you restore your health, vitality and create a radical difference in your overall well-being!

In Remineralize Your Body Now, we cover fermentation and cultures (to heal the gut and improve nutrient absorption), leafy greens (including nutrient boosting salad secrets, juicing and blending, and more), algaes and seaweeds (the tasty secret to Asian cultures and Native American cultures alike), nuts and seeds (and what to do so they heal instead of steal nutrients), superfoods (that won’t break the bank), Traditional Chinese Medicine (how to benefit from it when you know nothing about it), and much more. Many experts, including David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Bethanne Wanamaker, Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs, and more, have all contributed valuable information with you.

Here’s what people have to say about Remineralize Your Body Now:

“You guys did a beautiful job setting up the intro of the lesson. I loved it! As I dive in deeper ( which I have over viewed everything and I can tell) the order of our lessons is so nurturing and fulfilling– filled with a great flow of knowledge to intake!!! I’m so excited and in love with this course!”

“Thank you very much to all of you. To all of you beautiful people who joined me on this amazing journey, and thank you to the Remineralize team. Great things are happening inside of me, I am more committed than before, so thank you for giving me that feeling. I am more aware and feel more present. It is awesome, I know that I am ón the right track, I can’t even image how great a place I will be in, in a few weeks!”

“Wow, I learned so much! I was so sucked in!”

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“This program is awesome and I’m glad I took it this time. I’ve been on the fence with taking in the past but loved the fact that the price went down so that’s a good incentive!”

While the coached session starts on January 2nd 2017 (it’s a Tuesday), you will gain instant access to the course materials. And if you sign up before December 15, you will get a 25% discount by using the coupon code GGAROCKS.

Find out more and sign up here.

Joanna Steven is an Amazon best-selling author, and the founder of The Nourished Village, a nurturing community for moms and their families. Her work as been published in Food Matters, Girlie Girl Army, Elephant Journal, and more. She regularly shares kid-friendly vegetarian recipes on her blog, and loves to interact with other moms on her Facebook page and Twitter.

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