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The Grody Dangers of Aspirin Use

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If you use various forms of pain relievers (BC Powder, Bayer brand, Excedrin, Advil, etc) you are risking your health for short term pain relief. Yes, you may obtain the illusion of pain relief, but do you know how the various aspirins work against pain? ANSWER: By deadening your nerves! Long term aspirin use is sure to corrode your nerves and entire nervous system leading to certain central nervous system pathologies such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, and even stroke.   Sound worth it to you for a quick fix?

Aspirin breaks down or converts into ascetic acid inside the body and eats up red blood cells, just like white distilled vinegar does. Aspirin use therefore pollutes the blood, which is the essence of life. In addition to polluting and eating up the blood, aspirin greatly thins the blood. Many people take aspirin daily as a blood thinner.   People’s arteries are so clogged, rather than cleansing the arteries in order to improve or enhance blood flow.   Doctors unwisely prescribe aspirin to thin the blood – which is very dangerous because lack of blood equals lack of oxygen flow, and lack of oxygen flow to the brain will undoubtedly result in stroke. The herb gingko biloba is a much better and safer medicinal and alternative to aspirin as it is a mild blood thinner, but unlike aspirin, it greatly enhances oxygen flow throughout the body.

Other reasons Aspirin should be dumped from your repertoire: Aspirin causes intestinal and stomach ulcers. Aspirin burns a hole through the lining of the intestines and the stomach causing internal wounds (ulcers) and bleeding. Drinking cabbage juice is the best remedy for this problem. Aloe vera juice will also help to heal ulcers.

Women who take Midol for menstrual-related pain and cramps would do much better to take the herbs feverfew, cramp bark, and black haw. A liquid calcium supplement will greatly reduce menstrual-related pain as well. Calcium is nature’s nervine and tranquilizer. Serious suffers of headaches, especially migraines, would be much better off taking the herbs that aspirin was originally made from! Aspirin was originally made from herbs rich in the alkaloid salicin which converts into salicyclic acid inside the body, which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and thereby neutralizes pain.

Herbs that contain amounts of salicin include meadowsweet, white willow bark, red willow bark, black willow bark, woodruff, balm of gilead, and wintergreen.   All of these could easily be found in a quick internet search or visit to your local health food store.

The herbs feverfew, peppermint, and wood betony should or can be added to the herbs above to create a natural pain relieving tea that can be drunk throughout the day and as much as you like in order to naturally eradicate a headache. Please know that a headache is an acid condition and alkaline substances can heal/cure and prevent headaches. Herbs are alkaline substances.

(EDITORS NOTE: Not ready to start crushing herbs just yet?   Start with teas from your local health food store or buy buying homeopathic remedies like the one below;)

Homeopathic Headache Soothe, $37 @

Homeopathic Headache Soothe, $37 @

Lastly, long-term aspirin use will greatly pollute and eventually degenerate the liver, a very important cleansing agent and organ. People with red eyes have very toxic livers. Liver toxicity manifests in the white of the eyes. The herbs milk thistle seed, dandelion, boldo, goldenseal, tumeric, Oregon grape, artichoke, blue flag, gentian root, and barberry will heal, repair, and cleanse the liver. Carbon (activated charcoal) will also greatly help to cleanse the liver.

More important than relieving pain, you should attempt to discover the root cause of pain, for prevention is better than remedy. Pain is just a sensor that lets you know that something is wrong in or with the body. Pain is a question that seeks an answer.

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is the founder of, a website dedicated to natural health and healing as well as raising human consciousness. Mr. Ma’at-Ra is a metaphysician, herbalist, life guide coach, lecturer, writer, and jurisperitus. .. and therefore more than qualified to break it down and get you off that toxic aspirin addiction for good!

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Readers Comments (17)

  1. kevin says:

    Advil != aspirin

    Advil is a form of ibuprofin. Completely different drug than aspirin. You kind of lose a lot of credibility right there, even if ibuprofin itself has some negatives.

  2. elaine says:

    I was about to say the same thing about Advil/ ibuprofen, but Kevin beat me to it. Still, a lot of good information here. In general, people abuse pain relief meds — even doctors agree!!

    The only other caveat — a lot of the things promoted here have not been tested or do not come with dosage suggestions. It’s one thing to try these things if you’re an adult, but I think a sensible caution is to not use these on your kids without medical advice. Perhaps many are safe, but perhaps some are not. And definitely, as with any medicine, don’t combine without knowing ahead of time whether they interact well together or interact with a medication you may be currently taking.

  3. SG says:

    As a migraine sufferer, I have been reading about migraines for years and this is the first time I have heard them referred to as an acid condition. This seems inaccurate to me. No one can figure out exactly what causes migraines, so to be so flippant about, ie. sip some herbal tea, is a little insulting really!

  4. AM says:

    A friend of mine linked to this post. After I sent her my comments on it, she suggested I copy my comments here too.

    I disagree with many things in this post. Aspirin “thins” the blood by affecting platelet function (the cells that form clots), not by literally thinning the blood. Blood is then less likely to form clots but its consistency hasn’t actually changed, and oxygen suppling remains the same.
    Aspirin does have the potential for serious side effects, including GI bleeding and ulcers. There are much safer analgesic alternatives. It’s mostly used for its anti-platelet function nowadays. I’ve never heard of increased risks of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. In fact, aspirin has been shown to be associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s in some populations (but results are still controversial).

    And as other have said, Advil is not aspirin, it’s ibuprofen.

  5. chloejo says:

    SG: Offensive?? REALLY? That’s like saying people who cure their cancer holistically at places like Hippocrates are “offensive” to those who choose to take chemotherapy. This is ONE PERSON’S opinion and advice – from a totally holistic standpoint. Some people may do very well replacing traditional medicines for herbs (yes! herbs! Where do you think all your traditional medicine comes from? HERBS originally). Personally, I eschew traditional meds 95%off the time.. and have found that I can find the cures I need for what aisles me in a natural, chemical free way if I open my eyes.

  6. chloejo says:

    Oh – and obviously Djehuty Ma’at-Ra meant pain relievers in general not just aspirin. Anytime we put band-aids on problems we find much bigger problems down the line. Americans take FAR too many pills. It’s sick and it’s killing our nation.

  7. Susan Anton says:

    Great info! Djehuty Ma’at-Ra knows his stuff!
    It appears the author was not saying Advil is aspirin. It is an NSAID like aspirin.
    Why nit-pick?!

    ANYTHING YOUR BODY CANNOT USE IS A TOXIN!! The relief is short-term and then your body has to waste energy on detoxing the drug. Clearly aspirin is an acid and it has an acidifying effect on the body like herbicides and pesticides. You might also be shocked that Chinese medicine claims headaches are a “heat” condition.

    Note to vegetarians:

    “Scientists have long known that salicylic acid circulates in our bodies, even when we’re not taking aspirin. Since the chemical acts as a stress hormone in plants, it has been thought we get our fix by eating fruit and vegetables – and indeed, vegetarians have higher levels of the chemical in their blood.

    Spices are also rich in salicylic acid, with people who eat curry-heavy diets also having high levels: “In fact, we found that a vindaloo was as good as a low dose of aspirin,” said Baxter.”

  8. Susan Anton says:

    “A major research study in Canada found an aspirin a day can actually increase the risk of stroke and heart attack in 40% of the people who take it!

    Three other studies from Germany, Britain, and the U.S. support the finding. Aspirin also accelerates the breakdown of your joint cartilage. Aspirin can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and long term aspirin use has the potential to promote the development of ulcers in your stomach and GI tract.”

    Btw, “Aspirin and Heroin were once trademarks belonging to Bayer. After Germany lost World War I, Bayer was forced to give up both trademarks as part of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.”

  9. Susan Anton says:

    I forgot to mention that it is contraindicated to take Gingko Biloboa and aspirin at the same time.

    Drinking water will also increase circulation and the “known” cause of most headaches is dehydration.

    I agree w/ the Doc here on all points. Red blood cells carry the oxygen so if less red blood cells, less oxygen! The aspirin has an effect on the platelets for their lifespan (7-10 days). Not a desired effect after the headache is gone.

    Aspirin can make your blood less viscous, blood becomes more viscous with a bad diet. Best bet is to eat a good diet rather than pop a pill with side-effects!! I guess the discussion “blood-thinner” is a confusion in terms. Aspirin keeps the blood thin rather than make it thinner?!! Took me a while to grasp that (if i did?)!

  10. Lisa Cohen says:

    I deveolped a life threatening blood disorder called Purpura from taking Aspirin when I was 6 years old and almost internally bled to death. The medication used to “cure” me was then steroids / cortisone. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital and 4 months at home and had to be home – schooled.The cortisone meds caused bone necrosis (bone death) in my left hip joint and when I was 30 i needed a total hip replacement…. all from taking too much Aspirin when I had the German Measles at 6 years old. Don’t take Aspirin!!!!!!

  11. Native Woman says:

    Seconding what was said about Advil not being aspirin. Ibuprofen is a whole other creature than aspirin with numerous benefits that aspirin doesn’t offer (particularly its anti-inflammatory properties).

    I also wanted to add that, while I am aware of the benefits of many traditional herbal medicines, any such benefits cannot be reaped by homeopathy. Homeopathy involves the irrational belief that greater effects can be reaped from incredibly diluted mixtures. Check out “Committing Homeopathic Suicide” on YouTube to see this quack hypothesis tested:

    That said, there are traditional herbal medicines that can provide some benefits similar to aspirin. But, with any medicine, there are both benefits and harms to be had. Traditional medicines are meant to be used under the guidance of medicine people and a whole community, not off your health store shelf, where the knowledge about a particular herb’s uses, benefits, and possible harms is reduced to a couple lines on a bottle.

    In short, be careful and be skeptical about “alternative” medicines as well as Western-style pharmaceutical medicine!

  12. Mona says:

    chloejo: I am not trying to speak for SG. I don’t think it’s the fact that people are choosing not to use conventional medication to treat pain that is offensive. But rather statements like “if I open my eyes” which clearly implies that people who choose conventional meds aren’t. I DID try non-pharmaceutical interventions before turning to the heavy hitters for my pain. I am happy for you that you are able to use holistic and natural approaches. That does not work for some people. This is the second post I have seen on the issue of the use of pharmaceuticals (not Big Phama), which just smacks of ableism. I’m in favor of discussing alternatives, but recognize that medical choices are personal and people have to do what they have to do to be able to function. You don’t know everyone’s situations. It’s not always about “opening their eyes.” It’s incredibly dogmatic and, yes, offensive, to imply that it is.

  13. chloejo says:

    One persons “offensive” is another person’s life changing miracle…

  14. Mona says:

    chloejo: I think you are missing the point of what I said. I did not say that using herbs or other means of controlling pain is offensive. I said that attempting to shame people for whom those approaches do not work and who pursue more conventional means of dealing with pain, which you are continuing to do, is offensive.

  15. Chloe says:

    You are clearly misinterpreting not only what I have said.. but what the article was about. It’s a suggestion. AS I SAID (numerous times now)… NOT law. I even said.. I personally go for traditional meds 5% of the time. I’ve definitely taken an advil in life… or two! I am not the writer of this particular blog, so to argue with me about his perspective is mute. I was simply saying.. his words (I’m sure) will help someone trying to treat their condition in a more holistic way. C’est ca. Nobody should be getting “offended” by suggesting herbal replacements. This blog (like all others) is an opinion. And to disagree is more than welcome.

  16. Mary Hill says:

    I have been on daily aspirin therapy (325mg) for only three months and now have very blood shot eyes…looks terrible, of course, but have had two strokes and this is part of my therapy. Anyone else with this “red eyes” situation? I feel so trapped…

  17. shoultSlugsnbellep says:

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