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Creepy TikTok Beauty Practices Trending For Teens

Creepy TikTok Beauty Practices Trending For Teens

Is Being Au Courant Putting Your Face at Risk? A Beauty Chemist Weighs In. 

In the ever-changing beauty world, TikTok has emerged as an influential platform that amplifies trends and techniques like never before. As millions of users fervently chase the latest beauty TikTok trends, it is crucial to shed light on the alarming repercussions that some of these seemingly harmless challenges can bring. Beneath the surface of glamour and artistic expression, a concerning undercurrent is surging, revealing the hidden dangers behind certain viral fads that our kids could be taking as fact.

Chemist David Petrillo breaks down some of the most prevalent trends right now;

Beer Tanning is a recent craze where TikTok users apply beer on their skin before sunbathing, believing it can improve their tanning results. The trend is rapidly gaining popularity on social media, with thousands of TikTok users posting videos of themselves using beer to tan. However, chemical compounds in beer can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage, leading to skin cancer and premature aging. Furthermore, using beer as a tanning agent could also increase the risk of dehydration and heatstroke, especially in hot and humid weather conditions.

Beezin Challenge is a recent social media trend where users apply Burt’s Bees lip balm, typically menthol or peppermint flavored, to their eyelids, believing it can create a tingling sensation or high. Using Burt’s Bees lip balm near the eyes can cause irritation, swelling, and even potential eye damage. This poses a considerable threat as children and teenagers are trying this without considering the consequences.

Beef Tallow – Incorporating beef tallow into your skincare routine is a new trend on TikTok, where users are applying the rendered fat that comes from beef on their face as a treatment. This can be extremely harmful for a variety of reasons. Tallow may contain traces of antibiotics and hormones from cows, which may irritate anyone with acne-prone or sensitive skin. The fat in beef tallow can clog pores, worsening any existing acne.

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Pore Vacuuming is a TikTok trend where users use pore vacuums to extract impurities, primarily from their face. Pore vacuums can damage the skin’s natural moisture barrier, increase sensitivity, and even cause broken capillaries. Additionally, improper use of pore vacuums or on other body parts besides the face can cause skin irritation, inflammation, and bruising.

Menstruation Blood Face Mask – With over 3.5 Million views for the hashtag #periodbloodfacemask, this trend is gaining popularity on TikTok as users take period blood and rub it on their faces. Some people participating in this trend claim that period blood makes their skin clear, soft, and shiny. Although, no scientific data suggests this is an effective and safe face mask. In actuality, red blood cells are pro-inflammatory and can worsen acne-prone skin.

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