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What Makes Fashion Just?

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I was honored to be asked by Project Just to post a picture of my outfit showcasing that dressing in an ethical, sustainable way can be “easy and cool.” So here I am – easy and cool. Project Just empowers shoppers with data and storytelling to incite change within the fashion industry. It works to shift demand towards positive practices and ethical brands through their online catalog where you can search a brand and see its practices on human rights, environment, transparency etc. The OOTD campaign. This campaign will help us all to knowledgeably shift our purchases to transparent brands that share our values. That shift will add up and collectively, we can send a signal and change the status quo.

Imagine the kind of impact we could have by voting with our wallets. Please support the ProjectJUST campaign to change the way we shop. Your choices to live your values and share your experiences, and encouraging others to do the same, are inspiring. With your voice and support, we can achieve our mission of positively changing the fashion and garment industries, making the world a better place, one ethical purchase at a time. Some sad facts about the fashion biz:

Each of us throws away 70 pounds of non-biodegradable clothing every single year. We buy 400% more clothing than we did 20 years ago. Many workers make less than one dollar a day making our clothing.

My conscious choice today? This Vaute whale dress in printed Satin made of 100% recycled polyester. Handmade in NYC and vegan. Why whales? Because “WHEN WHALE IT END, SEAWORLD? This is our whale loving battlecry. A documentary, numerous protests, how many ways can the world say it. All whales should be happy and free. We’re done with this. xoxo VAUTE“ Chloé Jo Davis & Kingsley Rhodes in Vaute Couture

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