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Naketano, A Brave New Style Word

Naketano, A Brave New Style Word

Jozo Lonac of mens and womens fashion line Naketano, Brave New Word is someone who doesn’t mince words when it comes to his changing ethics, and his honesty (and cool style swagger) is what made us mega fans of this line.


Naketano, A Brave New Style Word

“When we started Naketano, we never had the intent to base the concept on “doing it right.” 4 years ago I got my dog Athos, and he taught me so much. I realized, that we need to do something. Man is not the owner of this planet. We have to start getting out of our comfort zone and make sense of our existence. Sense is not to oppress and exploit the rest (animals, nature, other people etc.) So a year ago, I decided not to use any animal-derived product.”

We wish every fashion designer had the ethics, kindness, and (frankly!) taste level that Jozo has! So many designers choose to turn their heads once shown the brutality and death animals have to suffer for the sake of fashion. It’s nice to see someone making a conscious choice to do better. As Maya Angelou said, “Once we know better, we do better.” Jozo is proving he can and will. Naketano has a knack for making the rest of us look the sort of effortlessness only seen in people who have successful indie bands, minus the shleppy tours. Naketano is something that doesn’t exist in the eco-vegan world of fashion in the US, it’s a large successful line out of Germany that doesn’t mess around in terms of comfort, but is unparallelled in terms of quality. We aren’t sure we’ve ever owned hoodies this thick (but not bulky) and soft. And they wash like a dream – no shrinking or pilling. The details are incredible, pockets everywhere, beautiful linings, incredible snaps and zippers.. you can wear one of those coats 3 times and still discover new things about them that make them special.

This line is one of our new favorites. We can’t get enough of the brilliant necklines on these sweatshirts, the go up high like turtlenecks or swing off to the side.. they are magical! And the coats and jackets make the other vegan coats we’ve tried feel like teeshirts comparatively in terms of warmth (disclaimer: there is one coat we saw available – not featured here that does have some feathers – this coat we designed and produced prior to Jozo’s eco-animal aha moment, all others are animal friendly!) The craziest part about it all are the incredibly affordable prices for the level of durability and quality — with high-design dresses and plush and delicious hoodies around 65pds and coats weighing in at 150pds. We’ve had couture designer pieces not hold up as well as these pieces do. This is how an eco-chic Mama or Papa on the go wants to look and feel. We’re obsessed.

Though their official website doesn’t house an online shop, you can currently purchase the collection at in Europe or NAKETANO ON AMAZON.COM in the States.

With an eponymous launch and shop scheduled for US landing, you’ll be seeing much much more of this line. You heard it here first, eco-glamazons!

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Naketano NOW available on – click this link to see/ buy