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DIY: Make This Sequin Belt

DIY: Make This Sequin Belt

If you have Lanvin money or inclinations, feel free to skip this post.  If however, you like to look like a million bucks for a few shekels, read on. PS I Made This turns it out for a belt that is a total show stopper (and leather-free for all our veg fashionistas.) For FW ’11 Alber Ebaz dreamt up stunning crystal and sequin embellishments on everything from jewelry to gloves to shoes, belts and more at Lanvin.



To create, measure and cut a piece of double satin ribbon (length will depend on waist size).  You can probably find extra satin ribbon in your gift wrapping drawer. Be sure to leave approx. 6 inches on both ends so you have room to tie around your waist.  Arrange sequin patches onto the ribbon. P.S.- it’s okay if they overlap.  Consider cutting up some hideous thrift store sequin sweaters and using the embellishments to DIY your patches rather than buy them.  Bad Christmas sweaters, unworn headbands, and Miami style sweatshirts would be particularly genius to use for this.

Once you are happy with the placement, use fabric glue to apply to the back of the patch and adhere onto felt.  Hold in place for a few seconds.  Trim the excess felt for a clean and finished edge.  Make sure  it is completely dry before attaching onto the ribbon using a generous amount of the fabric glue.  A glue gun also works well.  Leave belt to set and dry before sporting.

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