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Exclusive: Win This $400 Bag From Cri De Coeur!

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Be still our beating hippy fashionista eco vegan hearts.. nirvana has arrived in the form of a handbag! This long, swinging fringe bag is what we would have worn in the 70’s as a Janis Joplin grooupie, and never have taken off. This bag is incredibly versatile; it carries absolutely everything, you can fold it over, wear it long or carry it across the body thanks to the multiple clasp options.  And it’s made from eco-friendly PU, recycled ultrasuede fringe, and lined with 100% organic cotton with a subtle and fun animal print, so you will be proud to tell it’s story when asked about it.  (What does saying “It’s a Birkin” say about your ethics?)


All you need to do is go to our new Facebook page and LIKE US today.

Then leave a comment (on said page) saying why you should win this bag. The winner will be chosen at random by the designers and announced on our facebook page by August 1st 2011.
Check out GGA Founder Chloé Jo Davis (below) rocking it with her son Panther Britain!

Cri de Coeur is a completely animal free company that is committed to educating people about a vegan lifestyle. Cri de Coeur is a French expression that translates literally to “cry from the heart.” To us, it symbolizes our heartfelt desire to change the face of fashion by providing stylish, contemporary products that are ethically produced from start to finish. The choices we make as designers, manufacturers and consumers can have an enormous impact on the lives of animals, humans and our environment, while not compromising on style – but you already knew that!

Cri’s mission (and the mission of its adorable owner/ designers Gina and Julie) is to help ethical fashion saturate the future market of retail by exciting a dialogue that will demand that these ideals be met industry-wide – because the planet and its inhabitants depend on it. There is a shift in attitude about how we define “style”, with a growing awareness in the increase of pollution, deforestation, global warming, and resource depletion that is rapidly destroying the planet. The simplest way to help reverse these devastating statistics is by adopting a vegan lifestyle… and this goes beyond the dinner plate. Taking personal responsibility for not only what goes inside our bodies but for what we put on the outside of our bodies is crucial to our survival. This is how we hope to help redefine what it means to have “style”. This shift in attitude is palpable, with a growing awareness across the globe. That said, support our eco-sisters at Cri de Coeur in helping to make a difference.

And before you go complaining about how expensive it is, they have a sub-line of more affordable shoes and bags called Hearts Of Darkness and always have a massive and thrilling selection of sale merchandise. Between the discount code we are about to give you and the sale section, you are all set.  Promise.

Shop CRI DE COEUR this Month  (the Fall collection will make you pass it out it’s so gorgeous!!!) and get 20% off by entering code GIRLIEGIRLARMY at checkout.
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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Dinah McGee says:

    I have waited for 39 years for a vegan site. When I was pregnant with my oldest child I became a vegetarian and then a vegan about 15 years ago. No animal should have to suffer for us to have products to put on our bodies. Besides the moral issues is the fact that the protein in meat makes me physically sick. I read labels and ask questions but it was almost impossible to find products I could use.This site is a God send to me as I`m sure it is to many others. Thank you so much. And using recycled materials is a responsible thing to do!!!!

  2. chloejo says:


    This contest is now closed and the winner chosen by Cri’s Gine & Julie was Christy Underwood Field who said;

    “I would love the glam bag because it would be such a great way to start conversations in public about the importance of even vegan accessories and clothing, which a lot of people don’t even think about.”

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