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Hardcore Gifting

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It’s getting awfully close to Christmas day, and you still don’t have your gifts in order.  Still thinking of just bringing flowers?  Here are some slightly more creative options for that last minute spree;

Charge anything on the go with this solar powered charger.  The traveling greenie will love this gift.

Solio Mono, $59.95

Your favorite foodie can make donuts healthy with this donut maker;

Donut Maker, $39.99

Why not a fancy sports bra for the workout junky in your life?  This one is great because you won’t be embarrassed if it shows in spin class next to that cutie you’ve been eying… and it’s perfect for nursing too (zip zip and out comes the nip nip!)  Why it’s worth $70?  It’s crafted really beautifully and holds you in ridiculously well.  It is also perfect for post-surgical recovery for breast reduction, breast augmentation, and other breast-related surgeries. The Swarovski crystal and stud encrusted bra is also meant be  shown, so if you are feeling foxy, show your tata cover.  We also heart that it has a tiny pocket on the inside to hold a key or phone number. ;)

Sophie Bra, $70

We love you Urban Decay for creating this gift-ready entirely vegan eye shadow palette! Easily a last-minute gift, this sells at every Sephora.

EDS NOTE: We just found at that this specific kit is not vegan after all!

From Urban Decay;

Vegan friends, please note: We have recently discovered that, due to a manufacturing oversight by one of our suppliers, a non-vegan ingredient has been used in our Eyeshadow Primer Potion. We have removed the vegan paw print from the Vegan Palette (because it includes a sample of Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin). All of the Eyeshadows in the palette are still 100% vegan, but the attached sample is not. Please give it away to a non-vegan friend!”

Vegan Palette, $34 or Sephora Stores

That said – skip the palette above, but feel safe buying these certified vegan items from Urban Decay.

No girlie girl alive wouldn’t look great in this dress.

Alice + Olivia Carla jersey twist dress $185,

Any dog lover will be proud to have these gorgeously done photo books on their coffee table.

Deaf Dogs Photo Book, $55

Melissa McDaniel started The Photo Book Projects two years ago to raise money for rescue. Both books; “Deaf Dogs” (thousands of deaf dogs are killed each year) and “Rescued in America” (all of the dogs in this book, once homeless and/ or bound to kill shelters, have now found their forever homes) are must-haves for any animal loving home.  30% of all online book sales are donated to the Petfinder foundation. Melissa is also taking applications for next year’s books (a book on pit bulls, including pit bull mixes and any dogs that have a certain look and are labeled as pit bulls, and puppy-mill rescues.) You can see photos, read more about the projects, and apply here.

Rescued in America by Melissa McDaniel, $50

Just cuz all the hype about you (post election) is over.. doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how awesome you are, Rachel Maddow.

Rachel Maddow Eco Friendly tote Graphic Canvas Tote Bag, $16.99

Who says we are too old for puzzles?

Sustainable wood mushroom puzzle, $39

Whats the easiest, cheapest gift that is appreciated year round?  Magazine subscriptions. Crafty, green, and vegan folks would all appreciate subscriptions to VegNews and/ or ReadyMade.  Other indie faves; Venus (for music lovers who don’t listen to top 40,) Bust (for hipster indie types,) Bitch (for feminists who love pop culture,) and Mothering (for progressive parents.)

If s/he loves to cook and doesn’t yet have a Vitamix.. we promise it’s a better present than diamonds.

Vitamix 5200, $449

But jewelry never hurts.. if you are doing diamonds, always opt for fair-trade or vintage pieces (like the one below).  Designer Jade Trau ( will customize an old family piece and update it and make it something  entirely new.  Now that’s green we can get with!;

The Peacock Ring, $4,350

For your goddessy Sister;

Goddesses for Every Day: Exploring the Wisdom and Power of the Divine Feminine around the World by Julie Loar, $11.93

Nobody ever cried over getting chocolates.  Particularly not these truffles, so good they can (and do) fool any non-vegan.  We especially love Bluestockings BonBons because they are packaged so elegantly, but the prices are incredibly reasonable for such high end ingredients.

28 truffles, $45

For the Gal or Guy who has everything.. the gift of compassion;

Sponsorship Adoptions $10-600

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Chloe Peterson says:

    I own both The Sophie Bra and The Cher Bra from the Zip ’em Up Collection and am absolutely obsessed with both. I not only wear them to the gym but also throughout the day with my racerback tanks, ripped leggings, jeans, etc. OBSESSED! And I bought two more for my sisters for Christmas!!! Keep rockin, Kelly…xoxo, Chloe

  2. Kelsey says:

    I too own the Sophie Bra (along with 5 others!) and I cannot get enough!! To support my girls while working out, I used to have to wear multiple sports bras when I went to the gym, but with BodyRock that dreaded multi-bra look is now totally gone AND replaced with super HOT designs, prints, and functionally fabulous features. BodyRock is the total must for the women you love!!

  3. Kim Corbin says:

    Love the GODDESSES FOR EVERY DAY book! It’s a great one.

  4. Bryanna says:

    The Cher is the love of my life, But the Sofie is one of my other favs!!! if you’re not body-rockin’ yet I suggest you start :)

  5. Mandi says:

    I wish my tatas were large enough to require that adorable hardcore sports bra. :(

    Also,interestingly enough the “vegan palette” from Urban Decay is not entirely vegan. The primer has lanolin in it. (I!)

  6. Chloé Jo says:

    Hey Mandi
    You don’t have to have big boobs to wear the BodyRock bras.. I know they come in all sizes. And NUTS about the vegan shadows! Where did you here that? They are certified vegan! Bonkers!

  7. […] Vegan Food : Hardcore Gifting […]

  8. Aubrey says:

    Urban decays website says it isn’t vegan- there is a notice on the product’s page and on the vegan products page.

    I found out about this a few months ago when I asked why the full size primer potion wasn’t on the vegan section any longer. I actually spent a few weeks emailing back and forth with them over this because they made it very clear to me that they were not going to be public about it. It wasn’t until I threatened legal action and made my knowledge of consumer fraud known (fraud is my academic focus) if they would not put up notices that they changed it. Their correspondence with me indicated that they did not accept responsibility for the fact that they were selling a product listed as vegan when they knew it had lanolin in it. I know people are still buying it from other places that have it listed as vegan, like Sephora, so until they take the primer out of the kit I will still consider it to be misleading to call it the “Vegan Pallet”.

  9. chloejo says:

    GODDESS BLESS YOU for giving us the heads up on that! Note our edit.
    Warmest thanks for your quick compassionate eye!

  10. Sherry says:

    I LOVE the Sophiw bra by BodyRockSport. It give me great support when i’m doing some serious cardio and I can throw on a pair of jeans and a tank and go about my day withthe bra on. It’s so pretty that I still feel super sexy with it on outside the gym. I got a bunch more bras from bodyrocksport and I’m so much more excited to go workout cause I’m that much more confident. LOVES IT!!!

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