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Eco Lingerie: Love it, Win it, Wear it.

Eco Lingerie: Love it, Win it, Wear it.

undertheroot organic hemp lingerie

If you have ever owned one piece or many pieces, of handmade lingerie, then you understand why it’s worth the extra shekels. Hailing from Chicago, Under The Root creates handmade, vintage-inspired lingerie and underthings from sustainable, repurposed textiles. This line is not only super green and cruelty-free, it’s achingly wearable, sexy, and chic. This intimate label began assembling pieces ten years ago for performers and dancers. During the last six years, the focus of this woman-owned, sustainable business began to include and provide an artistic approach to lingerie.

undertheroot organic hemp lingerie
undertheroot organic hemp lingerie

A few of our faves;

Ivory Tower Playsuit Romper ($135): This one-piece is made from your choice in color of reclaimed and organic stretch cotton knits with a zipper in back and subtle gathers around your thighline.

Leprechaun Lingerie Set: ($25 Panties, $40, Bra) No, not a gift for your favorite short redhead.. this is a spiritually named set. Leprachauns live and work in quiet, secluded places. They make their homes under the roots of trees or in ruined castles.   This frilly, but super comfy lingerie set is made from reclaimed cotton lycra, vintage cotton twill, and natural cotton elastics.

Happiness Hipster: ($20) Who said you have to be dying of ass separation in a thong to look cute?   This high waist undergarment offered in the choice of reclaimed and organic cotton jersey knits with reclaimed lingerie trims.

Bhaironess Blindfolds, Collars, and Bondage Sets: ($20 and up)   Made from your choices in reclaimed velvets, velveteens, and satins. Handmade with intent to be exactly what you wish.

Nixie Garden GuardHers, Blasphemous Blumen, and Sidhe Sitting Stockings: ($55 and up) Sidhe forms are shadowy, and they can only fully materialize in the presence of a human. The GuardHers wrap the entire hipline and pair perfectly with the Blasphemous Blumen. All pieces sold separately and made from choices in reclaimed and organic cotton jersey knits, lingerie trims, and mitten clasps.

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Make sure you are a subscriber with GirlieGirl Army, then leave a comment on the blog HERE (below) describing a most sensual desire for 2010. Jennifer M. Brown of Under The Root will choose the comment which invokes a story, a tiny secret about your longings for the year ahead in regards to desire. The winner will be chosen February 14, and we will let you know through email.

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