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Could Your Manicure Kill You?

Could Your Manicure Kill You?

You can now easily find totally organic, all-natural pedicure and manicures salons in most Cities, and many girls (ourselves included) have decided to totally eschew toxic mainstream mani-pedi spots.   Why? After one trip to her corner mani-pedi spot, GGA Founder Chloe couldn’t believe the overwhelming smell of toxins in the spot… between the woman getting massive fake nails glued on with insane smelling chemicals to the polishes, creams, and tools used in the salon, she came home naeseous with a migraine, and swore to no longer patronize mainstream salons.   Time to wise up and avoid smelling those hormone-disrupting chems like phthalates, like you’d avoid a date with a fat herpes sore.   Women aged 15-45 are commonly finding that they have reproductive issues, in part due to the use of mainstream nail polishes.   Oh, and cancer has been linked to the chemicals used in mainstream manicurist spas. Re-read those last two sentences a few times, please.   Won’t you feel like a total dummy for not going green on your mani/ pedi when it’s easy as pie?   Oh, and buying the products, polishes, and creams are cheaper than most of the products at your local drugstore.   This is a very “Duh, why wouldn’t we?” issue to us.

Is this worth reproductive damage?  Hell no!
Is this worth reproductive damage?

First of all; research the products you are currently using on Cosmetic’s Datebase “Skin Deep” – a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by researchers at the Environmental Working Group.   Recycle, donate, or toss what is dangerous.   Save what isn’t.   What to look for on your polish/ removers/ etc? 100% natural origin: no synthetic chemicals, petrochemical-free,   GMO-free,   lanolin-free,   paraben-free, certified organic ingredients, cruelty-free, and certified vegan labels.


Enjoy purchasing some eco-friendly, safe, and cruelty-free new products like;

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  • Eco Tools Recycled Sapphire Nail File ($2.54): which lasts and lasts.
  • Gilden Tree Foot Scrubber ($9): A callus remover par excellence. This terra cotta pumice stone is perfect for dry, cracked heels and calluses… and if you DIY or bring your own to each pedi, you won’t need to share skin, cells, and blood (!) from other clients.
  • Cuticle Rescue Nail Treat ($13.99): Full of nourishing jojoba oil, castor oil, grape seed oil and sunflower seed ois, and protecting: organic tea tree and lavender, atlas cedarwood, peppercorn and clove bud essential oils this oil will treat your dry or cracked cuticles in a heartbeat.
  • Sula Paint & Peel Polish ($10): Has a “Big 3-Free” formulation that is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates – the smelly stuff, and is also free of the remaining cancer-linked ingredients still found in standard polish. It’s non-toxic, fast to apply and fast to dry with an array of amazing colors to choose from, and it’s fun, no… ADDICTIVE to peel. So that means, remover NOT necessary! Other SAFE nail polish options: Peacekeeper Cause-Metics, HoneyBee Gardens, No Miss,   SpaRitual Nail Lacquer, etc.   Not enough options here? A simple google search on “all natural, vegan nail polish” will pull up a treasure trove of options.
  • A true multi-use product, Tate’s odorless nail polish remover ($13.49) will take off multiple layers of nail polish with ease, can be used as a nail conditioner, and it can also be used as a nail strengthener. Non-drying to nails and skin, there are also other interesting uses listed on the bottle stating that it can also be used to remove nail fungus, cuticles, corns, bunions and calluses. Made only with minerals and water, this truly is an amazing natural product!
  • Forget the crappy dilouted dollar store brand moisturizers at your local mani spot, use Dancing Dingo’s Shea Butter Rich Hand & Body Cream ($12) which provides major moisture for happy, healthy hands n’ feet. This thick and wonderfully rich cream begins in a skin-calming Aloe Vera base, enriched with the luxurious oils of Sweet Almond and Jojoba. Highly-hydrating Shea Butter is then added to help erase scratchy dryness, and Carrot Seed oil to tone and replenish moisture. It’s rich and delish, and smells divine.