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(Couture) Jelly’s are BACK!

Published on May 18, 2009 by   ·   12 Comments Pin It

These ‘aint your 1986 Jelly’s from summer camp, sister darling.   These are Melissa Plastic Dreams, whose collaborations with seminal Brit designer Vivenne Westwood has every fashionista we know twittering with excitement.

Vivienne Westwood & Melissa Plastic Dreams: $149 @ epauletshop.com

Vivienne Westwood & Melissa Plastic Dreams: $149 @ epauletshop.com

Melissa Plastic Dreams are ethically made in Brazil in a “closed loop” system, so there is no waste from production.   The patented plastic known as Melflex is a patented 100% recyclable, hypo-allergenic monomaterial that easily molds to your foot after a few wears, providing a comfortable custom fit forever! Not only are these shoes totally vegan and green, the company recycles 99% of the excess material left over from manufacturing.   It’s basically a win-win situation.

Melissa Plastic Dreams Campana Zig Zag in Gold, $65. @ KaightShop.com

Melissa Plastic Dreams Campana Zig Zag in Gold (available in tons of other colors for spring/ summer 09), $65. @ KaightShop.com

Check out the recently released video “look book” below for your very own at home fashion show;

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Mary Jane + Melissa, $111. @ Kaightshop.com

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Mary Jane + Melissa, $111. @ Kaightshop.com

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. themessenger says:

    holy smack, jellys ARE back!!! sexy and eco!

  2. emily ryan says:

    Wow! These jellies are so hot..Gotta get me some from Kaight!

  3. kimsy says:


  4. YnNeJ says:

    Wow!Vegav AND custom fit AND recyclable AND “close loop” system AND factory that recycles the excess material!What more can anybody ask for?!

  5. Jen H says:

    Ugh….I’m sorry but I think these are hideous.

  6. arden says:

    I’m w/you Jen H!

    FUG w/a capital F…


  7. emily says:

    the top ones would go great with a latex nurse outfit

  8. Melissa Brooklyn says:

    The Melissa shoe brand itself is awesome. I think the top style shown is awesome. I have 5 pairs from them, all super comfy and there are lots of other designs that they have so before you start hating you should check out the site. Vivienne Westwood is a very specific style but she is just one of many designers that they have teamed up with over the last 20+ years.

    Secondly, being that we are all on this blog for the purposes of SUPPORTING a more environmentally and animal friendly lifestyle which includes fashion, I think these shoes are a great example of that.

    Finally, another great thing about the Melissa brand is that they actually melt down any leftover styles from the previous season and reuse the plastic to manufacture the new season’s styles. So actually unless YOU throw your shoes in the garbage, none of their product ends up in a dump at all!

  9. Melody says:

    I have to have a pair (or two or three) of these shoes. They look amazing.


  10. spicygranola says:

    These are cute and I like their eco profile. I especially like the flats, but I’m afraid they would make my feet sweat like gangbusters and give me blisters.

  11. pamcake says:

    I love their shoes. My only concern is about the materials. I bought 4 pairs when I was in Chile and they all had stickers on the bottoms saying they were made out of PVC.

  12. michelle says:

    i want the jens shoes for free i got a paper its say its free

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