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Ten Reasons Why Big Is Better

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Bigger is better. Not in the gas guzzling SUV, beer belly sort of way, but when we’re talking about the super-fly thoughts that are traveling through your mind and encouraging you to dream huge, yes, bigger is better. King of thinking big,   Michael Port (The Wall Street Journal calls him a “marketing guru”) shares his top10 tips to bring big thoughts front and center.

It’s your mind that will change your life (and the world). When you think big, you’re large and in charge. Little known facts about big thinking , big thoughts are:

1. An Act of Abundance

To think big is an act of originality and creation – an act of abundance. When you think small, you resist your nature and create false scarcity. Big thoughts confirm the truth. You are more than enough. You will accomplish all you set out to. The world is yours for the taking. Grab it!

2. Embrace a Judge-less World

Bigger embraces. Big thoughts oppose the judging world. Let’s face it, we’re not here to judge or be judged. Imagine if you never accepted the limited views of others? That’s right! Your individuality reigns supreme. GirlieGirl big thinkers embrace their own uniqueness, innate talents and gorgeous gifts. You know you rock.

3. Collaborate and Foster Equality

Big thinking starts with (a) helping and (b) allowing yourself to be helped. People who play small think they have to do it all themselves. The truth is when you help another you break down false separations – the “us” vs. “them” syndrome. We are all interconnected. True collaboration gives and accepts. It’s the most beautiful explosion of equality, respect, love and creativity. Try receiving as often as you give.

4. Expand and Accept

Bigger invites challenges. It expands your personal capacity and confidence. On the flip side, small thoughts crave pre-ordained outcomes. Sure thinking big can be scary and certainly when we fear the unknown, we crave control. But you’re daring. Accept control for what it is… a farce. See where your big thoughts take you.

5. Bring the Joy of Promises

Where’s the joy in making promises? The act of making promises is liberating. It gives you all the permission you need to do big things and make creative adjustments along the way. Take some breathing room while you are fulfilling your individual commitments. Let go of rigid outcomes. If you think it has to be perfect, you may never attempt to realize your big burning desires inside.

6. Foster Authenticity

Thinking big aligns the public and the private you. Your heart is free to speak the truth and authentic actions follow. Full self-expression is the height of big bliss and the start of accomplishing all you desire. Yowza!

7. Encourage Congruency and Integrity

Big thinking and living in integrity go hand in hand. To live without integrity is to purposefully diminish your chances of success. At the end of the day, integrity is all we’ve got. In today’s world, telling the truth might just be a revolutionary act. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

8. Bring Grace and Fluidity

Thinking big is adaptive. It is not transactional. It allows us to connect to others, but not be attached. It allows our networks, friends, colleagues and even lovers to be fluid. In the flow of big thoughts we will truly flourish and draw the people to us that we are meant to – people aligned with our values and actions.

9. Combine Love and Accomplishment

The combination of making yourself stronger combined with the process of love is the essence of thinking big. To love the process of what you do and who you are brings a lightness into your life (and the world). Love and strength are directly responsible for many of the biggest accomplishments.

10. Fuel Passion

It takes energy to get up and do big things. Thinking big is not only contagious it spreads like wildfire. It allows passion to course through your veins so you can live according to your hopes and dreams. It is universally the biggest and best thing you can do for your self and others.

Plus big thoughts make you blissfully beautiful while helping you accomplish all you desire. How big are you willing to think about yourself and how you show up in the world?

Michael Port is a New York Times bestselling author of 4 books including the provocative and inspiring Think Big Manifesto. More at www.MichaelPort.com.

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. themessenger says:

    great post, thanks gga, I can use some of this big thinking

  2. Bambi Weavil says:

    Absolutely – loved this! It’s all about seeing, believing and becoming the visions you desire.


  3. YnNeJ says:

    Sometimes even if it’s in your nature to think big there might be people around you who (involuntarily or not) might pull you into a small thinking vicious circle with them.So that’s why we need posts/articles/books like this: to remind us of these things and set as back on big thinking track!Thanks!

  4. Oh, mama likey! Such sage advice.

  5. I once heard Eve Ensler say, “How big do you want your life to be?” I wrote it down on a card, and hung it in my bathroom.

    I need to find that card. Or make a new one.

    A big one.

  6. Jenith says:

    I have read this every morning since you posted it. Next I shall procure the book!

  7. Emily says:

    very true. it is your mind that will change your life! not something outside of it. thanks. xo

  8. Sybil says:

    THANK U!

  9. Thanks for posting this. It’s a beautifully written piece of advice. Very inspirational.

  10. China says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trasnpaerlnty clear now!

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