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Finola Hughes Spills The Green Beans On Her Eco-Fabulous Life

Finola Hughes Spills The Green Beans On Her Eco-Fabulous Life

Emmy Award-winning actress Finola Hughes is far from just an 80’s icon, she’s a real deal modern day green goddess! Finola hosts the Style Network’s popular makeover series “How Do I Look?” (which recently celebrated the airing of its 100th episode), has developed a jewelry line for QVC, released a book with Ballantine Books titled “Soapsuds,” and is a devoted wife and Mother to 3 gorgeous little rugrats. You may remember her sexy portrayal of the mysterious Anna Devane on “General Hospital” or on “All My Children.”   This glamazon Brit is the epitome of elegant kitsch; she always looks Cameo locket perfect, but decidedly   has something dry, clever, and meaningful to impart.   You probably wished you could dance like her (but settled on just the legwarmers) when she starred opposite John Travolta in “Stayin’ Alive.” You’ve also seen Finola in about a billion other shows and movies, but her best role has been that of eco-Mom. Finola, her husband (artist Russell Young,) and their kids live in Santa Barbara where they grow their own veggies and work the land.     Finola is also a GirlieGirlArmy member, who was happy to answer a few questions for your prying, nosy eyes;

GIRLIEGIRLARMY: Hey, you eco fox! Thanks for answering some Q’s for our readers! How has your “green awakening” informed the rest of your life, and affected your work?

FINOLA HUGHES: At work I am always moaning about plastic water bottles. I ask production to bring cups and sparklets or arrowhead jugs to the set so everyone can refill when needed – it’s such a waste otherwise. Plus with leftover food when catering for a production crew, if you make arrangements ahead of time with missions and shelters, you can take your unused, untouched portions and deliver them. At home my children switch off lights when leaving a room, and won’t let the water faucet run when brushing their teeth. This is the most important part of my green awakening, imparting information to my children so they are aware. I took them to a water conservation exhibition and it really got the message across.

What have you done in the last year to become more “Green” at home? And for the parents in our midst – what is your favorite eco-Mommazon tip?

At home we have two composting centers in the garden complete with friendly worms! We have 4 rotating vegetable plots. we also have 50 organic fruit trees!   They were actually on the property before we arrived, cultivated by a purist hippie that had been organic/pesticide free for 20 years.   We are working on bio-dynamic gardening, but it’s a bit complicated! We hope to have a water well dug in the next 5 years, and we will have solar panels on the hillside even sooner. My fave mommazon tip is bento boxes for school lunches. We try not to use plastic, and these bento boxes are sweet with their own compartments. Plus we send linen napkins to school for lunch, not paper. It is acceptable at their school as they have an incredibly ecologically sound system there.

Use your favorite Golden Girl to come up with an analogy about your own life:
I can hear Bea Arthur saying something like: “oh yeah, call yourself an 80’s icon, huh? Get a load of this!!” and then showing me her padded shoulders, as i show her my spangly headband from ‘Stayin’ Alive.’   How’s that?!!!

Pure genius.   That analogy was simply blissful for our 80’s lovin’ ears. Tell us about a moment in your life where you felt pure bliss:

When my children were born. When they sleep and I peek in on them. So peaceful and darling. That’s blissful.

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Tell us about your latest projects, pretty please:
I just finished a Lifetime movie in Vancouver called “Killer Hair”. Great fun.   My new show on Style is called “Running in Heels,” about the behind-the-scenes workings of Marie Claire Magazine. I helped to produce it.

One last Q: with that perfect punim of yours, we want your beauty tips! What are some things you just can’t live without:
Wen hair cleanser contains no sulfates and doesn’t strip the hair of essential oils. I also love Liz Earle face moisturizer and Dr. Haushka face cleanser and eye cream.   I also swear by Lavender & Rose Geranium Oil for travel, I put some on a napkin and tuck it into my airplane seat.   Pretty soon everyone around me is mellow and feeling great because their olfactory senses are being cared for!! People walk by and say “Wow, it smells so great here”!!!! Also; kookie karma granola – yum!


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