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Knicker Twisting

Knicker Twisting

Our knickers are officially in a twist!   Shop It To Me is an innovative email service that notifies you when clothing, shoes, and bags from designers you heart goes on sale in your sizes.   This is for the Gents and the Ladies and the Little Rugrats too, yo! Oh, and it’s free too Fanny Brice!

Shop It To Me’s signature “sale mail” alerts inform you about only brands you’ve pre-specified, in sizes you want, at a frequency you request and from only trusted retailers.   This service is ADDICTIVE.   It’s not an annoying email, it comes once in a blue moon and never feels intrusive.   It’s like having your own personal shopper give you a heads up when your favorite designer goes on sale!

Pick from among the 500+ brands that can be searched – even eco-fabu lines Loomstate and Edun – and   also your old standby’s like BCBG, Diesel, Banana Republic, etc etc etc.     They have a bit of a ways to go for more cruelty-free shoe and bag options, but they know we want it, and we are waiting with baited green breath. What are you waiting for?   Sign up!

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