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An Altered State: Getting Wasted On Herbal Martini’s

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Just when we were getting sick of drinking kombucha at dinner parties, the universe drops ALTAR into our lap.
ALTAR is the world’s first Herbal & Botanical Mood Mixer that is meant to be enjoyed alone (straight from the bottle- shake and enjoy!) or paired with premium spirits. There are five dynamic flavors, or as they call “moods”, each evoking a state of mind or a feeling- Aphrodisiac, Chi, Chill, Bliss and Restore which is launching this summer.  These are the most divine drinks, they taste like nothing else we’ve tried. They almost taste like a delicious perfume.. moody, sexy, delicious.  And bringing them as a hostess gift is kvell-able. People can’t get over the gorgeous bottles and the most gorgeous label typography and to die for upraised printing (our aesthetic nerd goes nuts for this stuff!)

Each recipes is a colleague of 13-24 totally unique ingredients ranging from teas, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and botanicals.  It celebrates the expansion of global gardens and sources exotic ingredients from almost every continent.  Our favorite so far is Bliss.  Aromatic, elegant, and a really spectacular flavor profile. We were able to pick apart many different notes and depths of flavors ranging from chamomile tea, elderflower, rose petals to sweet white grapes.  The rose petals are what really made our nose buds dance.  And we love that there are no gross sweeteners in this divine drink – the only thing that makes it sweet is organic grapes. Holla!!

Check out the product description on the front of the package, it reads like a poem:

Captivate and delight your spirit with a base of WHITE GRAPES layered with GERMAN CHAMOMILE FLOWERS, SWEET ROSE PETALS, PANDON and SHISO LEAF extract, HIBISCUS, and ELDERFLOWER. Tease your palate with OSMANTHUS OOLONG layered in an herbal tonic of LEMON BALM, L-THEANINE, ROSE FLOWER, TEA FLOWER and PASSION FLOWER.

ALTAR will be available for purchase at select Whole Foods throughout the country in mid April for entertaining at home- it is sold as a 750 ml and retails for $20, there are 8 servings per bottle. And by the time summer arrives ALTAR will be serves throughout the country at high end bars, restaurants, spas, and lounges. You can buy them online now as well!
You can mix and enjoy with or without the alcohol.
Oh, did we also mention, it is made with organic and all natural ingredients, each serving is under 40 calories, and it’s also Gluten-Free.  So when we come over to your place for your next dinner party, please have this instead of wine. So much yummier, and no hang over.

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