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White Sicilian Garlic Pizza

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This is finger sucking, crumb eating, beat-your-BFF-for-an-extra-piece kinda yumminess. Sicilian pizzas look very different than pizzas in other parts of Italy. They can have thick crusts, may be  topped with bread crumbs, have two crusts with the ingredients between them, or even may be  rolled closed.. but one thing they all have is artery clogging cheese. Try this vegan version to make your palate and innards smile and say “Mamma Mia!”

White Sicilian Garlic Pizza

The Crust (Sfinciuni)

  • 3 cups of all purpose flour
  • ¾ tsp. of salt
  • 1 tsp. of sugar
  • 2 tsp. of yeast
  • 1 cup + 3 tbsp. of water
  • 3 tbsp. of olive oil
  • The Toppings
  • 8 large garlic cloves, minced
  • 3 tbsp. of olive oil
  • ¼ cup of salted capers, thoroughly rinsed
  • 2 tbsp. of crushed nori
  • 1 tbsp. of dried oregano
  • 1 ½ cups of shredded white Daiya cheese

Prepping the Dough

Combine the flour, salt, sugar, and yeast together.  Add the water and oil and combine thoroughly.  Knead the dough until it no longer sticks to your hands.  Lightly oil it, place it in a bowl, and cover it.  Allow the dough to rise for 1 ½ hours.  Punch it down and allow it to rise 30 more minutes.  Lightly oil a rectangular baking dish, about 12”x8”.  Spread the dough into the dish.

Prepping the Toppings
While the dough is rising, soak the capers for 45 minutes to an hour, then rinse them.  Mince the garlic.  Take a few tears of nori and crush it into small flakes until you have about 2 tsp. worth.  Spread the olive oil over the top of the dough with you fingers.  Sprinkle garlic, capers, oregano, and crushed nori onto the dough.  Add the Daiya cheese.
Finishing the Pizza
Bake the pizza on 400 degrees for 35 minutes.  Cut the pizza into 6 rectangles.

Low‐fat Version : You can omit the olive oil from the crust, but you need to replace it with a like amount of water.  Instead of using the cheese, use sliced tomatoes and make sure they cover the garlic. If they don’t,  the exposed garlic will burn.
Recipe by Chef Jason Wyrick of The Vegan Culinary Experience

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