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Sexy Summer Salads

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Chef Rossi, “Kvetching and Kooking Kolumn” is back again – this time with deliciously simple and tasty summer salads;
Well biscuits, it’s getting warm out! To me that means forget the heavy food, bring on the light fare! Also, we’ve gotta be seen in public in that damn string bikini again.  So in honor of light and airy, here are two awesome salads that I use all the time for catering. I have served the bok choy salad as a side dish and folks don’t even notice it’s not cooked. How great is that come summer time. Don’t even turn the oven on! The corn salad is bright, perky and sexy, just like me!
Yummy Bok Choy Salad
I just love this dish.
  • Buy 4 bunches of bok choy- cause is shrinks down to nothing after it’s marinated.
  • For your dressing, mix up 2 shots of soy sauce, 1 shot of rice wine vinegar, 3 heaping plops of sugar, a drizzle of sesame oil and a smidgen of fresh minced ginger.
  • Sugar-free Option: If you don’t like sugar, (cause you’re sweet enough) another great bok choy dressing option is to mix up a shot of soy sauce, a good drizzle of sesame oil, a plop of fresh minced ginger, a plop of fresh minced garlic, a smidgen of hot pepper flakes and the juice of one nice juicy orange. The orange juice takes the places of the sugar and sweetens things up a notch.
  • Clean and slice your bok choy to your liking, then a half hour to an hour before serving toss up in your dressing.
  • After being marinated, it softens up just as if you’d cooked it!
Corn Salad
Well dears, if you’re willing to do the work of buying fresh corn, husking it, boiling it and then shaving it off the kernel more power to ya, but this girl has got a life! So I like to buy fresh frozen kernel corn. Is it a crime?! For a salad like this it’s really more then fine.
  • Run super hot water over a bag of fresh frozen corn to thaw out and drain.
  • For your dressing mix a couple shots of champagne vinegar with a heaping plop of sugar, a heaping plop of salt, a good pinch of ground cumin and a nice pinch of ground white pepper.
  • Toss your corn up in this and then add some diced red bell pepper.

This is so good you won’t believe it. I love this along side a great sandwich. So yummy. Here’s a little added delight. You can take this salad, puree it, add a dash of hot pepper and have a great corn relish too! Fabulous on veg dogs or grilled tofu!

Rossi aka Chef Rossi   Rossi- yes she only has one name- has been a writer for many publications, such as “The Daily News,” “Time Out New York” and “Mcsweeney’s” to name a few. She is the writer of the “Eat Me” column for “Bust” magazine and hosts her own hit radio show on WOMR and WFMR in Cape Cod called “Bite This”, now going into its 8th season.   She has been featured on “The Food Network” and “NPR” and has just completed her first edible memoir “The Devil and Mrs. Goldstein!”   As the owner and executive chef of “The Raging Skillet” a cutting-edge catering company known for breaking any and all rules, she has earned a reputation as the one to call when it’s time to do something different.

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  1. RawGuru says:

    Summer is the time for sexy salads. There are so many delicious healthy sexy raw salad recipes on Check it out and enjoy!

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