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A (Vegan) Weekend In New York, On A Budget.

A (Vegan) Weekend In New York, On A Budget.

New Yawk, New Yawk!

We are adoring this corny brand spankin’ new video of our friend Jasmin Singer (Our Hen House) that shows you the best things to indulge in while in NYC.  It features some of our favorite affordable restaurants and vegan eats (like the hipster-laced fast food joint, Foodswings), not to mention artsy outings for the penny-pincher (MOMA is free on Friday nights, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden is free on Saturday mornings).   And, as a bonus, watch for appearances by a few vegan all-stars  in the vid like Eddie Garza from Mercy for Animals and Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture. Even a born n’ bred New Yorker could probably learn a thing or two on NY vegan livin’ from this video.  For example;  did you know that the $2.50 falafel at Mamoun’s in the West Village is the best one on the planet? Or that a vegan butterfinger shake exists in Brooklyn? Okay, maybe you knew that, but did you know that the all-vegan bar, Pine Box Rock Shop, in Bushwick has $3 drink specials, and even has vegan versions of traditional drinks, like a Soy White Russian!

As people are always asking us what to do in NYC when they can’t afford to dine at Candle 79, we are happy that Jasmin has made this video so we can just direct them to this link from now on, saves our fingers a lot of typing!  Now watch, but we do have a snack close by, as a hunger pang is about to hit………

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