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Vegan Boozin’?

Published on July 2, 2009 by   ·   46 Comments Pin It

Want some dried blood powder with that pitcher? How ’bout some fish bladders to go with that glass of wine? No? Then listen up because you may have to worry about more than that unfortunate one nightstand when you head out to get your buzz on…especially if you prefer seitan to cow flesh.

Fish Bladders... gag...

Many brewing companies and wineries worldwide use animal products following fermentation in a process called “fining”, which is used to enhance the appearance of the alcohol in clarity and color. We think you’d agree when we say that we’d rather get our drank on with an ugly looking beer then one that was made with ground up animal bones, just to make it look “pretty.”

Rain Vodka is organic AND vegan!  And it comes in delicious flavors like Lavender Lemonade.

Rain Vodka is organic AND vegan! It comes in delicious flavors like "Lavender Lemonade."

Until recently, we’d just been sticking to the old standby organic booze options that we knew were vegan and sulfite free.   But we can now hit any bar in the world cuz Barnivore has arrived. AKA the guide to happy, animal-free drinking for all you lovely veg lushes who have been hiding in your casa’s afraid to go to happy hour.

Jack, Chrissy, and Janet at the Regal Beagle

Jack, Chrissy, and Janet at the Regal Beagle

Since your shot at the bar doesn’t normally come with an ingredient list, and you’d rather spend that soiree shimmying on the dance floor than reading the labels of every bottle of wine, check out Barnivore’s hella long list of brews sent in by curious consumers.

Here are a few vegan brews that struck our fancy and non-vegan bubbly to steer clear of:

  • Sippin’ a Corona and lime on the beach = vegan!
  • A Guinness on St. Patty’s Day = NOT vegan
  • A PBR with your hipsterlebrity pals = vegan!
  • Feelin’ “classy” with your box o’ Franzia wine =NOT vegan
  • The shot of Absolut vodka that might leave you hugging the toilet rather than flirting with the rockstar across the room: vegan!
  • The cheap go to Yellowtail Wine: reds are vegan! But beware whites are NOT!
  • Too many Moet Champagne mimosas with your tofu scramble: vegan!

Drink responsibly, darlings.

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Readers Comments (46)

  1. themessenger says:

    amazing, I truly cannot believe the crazy kind of shit people do. You’d think they could find another way of achieving this process, uch.

  2. jill says:

    Thanks for this!

    Also – if anyone is ever in Portland, check out the Bye and Bye. It’s a vegan bar with really good vegan food.

  3. sharon says:

    What about tequila? Other beers? Jager? JD? How would I find
    Stuff out?

  4. chloejo says:

    Look at the link in the posting, Shar. – it’s what the whole blog is about, silly. You can search ANY brand of booze on

  5. stephanie says:

    Guinness is not vegan? Sadness. :(

  6. kevin says:


    If you are craving a Guiness – there are other craft dry irish stouts that are vegan and probably better tasting, though maybe not as accessible to you depending on where you are.

    Sly Fox O’Reilly Stout and Victory Donnybrook Stout (both from the Philadelphia suburbs, available in the mid-atlantic area) are both vegan and pretty tasty.

  7. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this! I have been searching the web for wines that are vegan- I have been fearful of them since I knew most contain some type of animal product used in the fining or refining process. (Why don’t they label this stuff?!?!)
    Most of the information I find is fragmented or have wine distributors I’ve never heard of/costly to ship, etc.- but I can find Yellowtail right in my local grocer! YAY!

  8. J says:

    Great website, thanks for this!

  9. Wow what an incredible list on Barnivore. It’s disappointing to see that a lot of alcohol makers use animal products – so gross, and completely unnecessary.
    Thanks so much for this info – I would have never known!

  10. Ariela says:

    Now we can all enjoy our holiday weekend sans booze that use animal products (like kendra said completely unnecessary!) :) Happy Fourth all GGAers!

  11. nonfictions says:

    Hello Chloe and other fabulous guys and gals. Here is another fantastic website with more info on vegan (and nonvegan) drinks!

  12. kevin says:


    pretty sure that veganvanguard site is not very up to date – most of the correspondence is 5+ years old, and inaccurate (avery and bear republic currently fine with isinglass or gelatin, for instance.)

  13. elaine says:

    Should I state the obvious? Everybody could give up alcohol and be even MORE healthy. I know that’s not realistic…but felt it had to be said.

  14. Chrissie Eden Vazquez says:

    The problem with drinking PBR, though, is that is makes you a filthy disgusting cockroach hipster, which is worse than being just about anything else on earth. It HAS to be vegan, that crap is all water!!! :P
    Scotch is vegan, apparently–because you can’t mess with the age old process that produces beautiful, properly distilled scotch whiskey without getting crap. Beer is gross anyway. Drink a real drink!!!!!

  15. angela says:

    That fish picture is so gross! but necessary to show!

    If your favourite alcohol is not on the list, our contact page has sample question for you to use when you contact a company.

    Barnivore is only as good as our army! So forwards us the information you get so we can let others know.

    Also: we are on twitter, follow us and get tweets each time the website is updated.

    Thanks GirlieGirl!

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