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(You Can’t) Beat This Meat!

(You Can’t) Beat This Meat!

Father, forgive me. I have sinned. It’s been 31 years since my last confession.

I cannot stop loving my Field Roast Sausages. I want to everything with them. They are sheer perfection in an animal-free casing. Divinity. Honestly, I just love Field Roast in general. I love their sausages, I love their roast, I love their deli slices… I frankly want to rub my body in a vat of Field Roast ANYTHING. Full of protein, low-fat, and excellent for an energy boost, Field Roast is officially GirlieGirl Army’s favorite faux meat product. If we had awards, they would get one.

Perusing the plentiful aisles of a supermarket one may not think there is a global food crisis, however it is becoming clearer that current practices in western cultures like the United States have an impact on how people all over the world eat. Consumers are examining their personal role by looking at different ways of sustainable eating. Veganism is one political food choice that has gotten a lot of attention recently, with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman praising its virtues from weight loss to environmental impacts to the ethical treatment of animals. So for food maker David Lee, of the vegan Field Roast Grain Meat Company, it means business is booming and our tummy’s are ever-so-grateful for it.

Although Field Roast tastes like the most meaty and hearty slab o’ flesh you ever consumed; the base is actually steamed wheat protein, used for centuries and invented by Buddhist monks looking for a non-animal protein. Field Roast flavors are inspired by the charcuterie traditions of Europe, with a focus on bold earthy flavors like garlic, wine, vegetables and spices.

Go ahead, do anyyyyyyything with them. You can find Field Roast at your local Whole Foods and many other retailers, check their site for more goody goody gum drops. For real, even if you have to work to find these – it’s SO worth it.


FIELD ROAST SAUSAGE SKEWERS: Field Roast Sausages are great on a grill in this simple meal solution for the summer! Use fresh or roasted vegetables and herbs!


  • Vegetables: Onion, Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, etc.
  • Sausage Field Roast Sausages: Italian, Mexican Chipotle, or Smoked Apple Sage. (Our favorite at GGA is Apple Sage!!)
  • Sauce of choice: BBQ or (Holy) Mole. We love this BBQ Sauce Recipe.


See Also

  • Skewer cut ingredients along with sausages.
  • Brush with oil
  • Grill for 2 mins each side and smother with sauce if desired, then get down on that shit and eat!


REUBEN SANDWICH A traditional Reuben sandwich, sure to delight anyone who has ever enjoyed a good Reuben (Studdard).



  • Spread slices of rye bread lightly with “mayo” or Thousand Island dressing, sprinkle garlic and peppercorn.
  • Add a heaping layer of sauerkraut on one slice.
  • Top with Smoked Tomato Field Roast (optional: saute or grill in oil) and a slice of cheese (optional).
  • Put sandwich together and lightly grill on each side until cheese is melted and both sides are crisp and brown. Stuff your piggy face.

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