The First Platform Matching Breast Milk Donors to Recipients in Real Time

As anyone who has ever visited this website knows, we are huge breastfeeding proponents.  But sometimes it doesn’t work out for one Mama, while another Mama can struggle with with overproduction.  What then? Meet the first-ever platform connecting breast milk donors to recipients in real time, Share the Drop.

Human milk is the gold standard for infant health and nutrition, and some lactating mothers produce more supply than just their own infant can consume. In the wake of the pandemic and recent formula shortage, moms around the country are looking to both donate and receive milk in a safe, convenient way.

After being launched on the Google Play Story for a few months, now families can create an account at and enter their information as to whether they are a donator or receiver and be connected to other local families around them to help those in your community.

Although donor milk banks are nothing new, this app helps the convenience factor in an epic way while promoting breastmilk.

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Promoting Mama-owned businesses like this are why we started GirlieGirl Army! Support this brilliant new app, and spread the word.

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