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Mother’s Day 2021 Gifts: It’s The Least You Could Do

Mother’s Day 2021 Gifts: It’s The Least You Could Do

Us Moms have had a HELL OF A YEAR. From homeschooling or hybrid schooling to masking up wild monkeys – it’s been a heavy time. We are all exhausted, over it, and thankful for our health simultaneously.  As much as we’d all love a massage, those of us still taking covid very seriously aren’t risking it (unless it’s outdoors/ masked – in which case it is a HELL YES!) and forget about fancy jewelry – there’s nowhere to wear it, and life is sweatpants now. Half kidding about the jewelry – a small pair of studs we leave in or a thoughtful necklace is still a nice gift. It’s just not what we want right now. We want a delicious meal we don’t have to prepare, a morning to sleep in, and the softest ever new robe.  Here are some creative options for those of you too tired to even consider your options. We tried to focus on WOMAN-MADE, independent, MAMA-OWNED companies for this guide for the obvious reasons!


If she hasn’t told you yet, she definitely needs a cup of tea. This tea set would elevate even the most mundane breakfast blend.

Bowie Tea Set, $40

Embrace the crazy! If you haven’t yelled at your kids this year – you aren’t human. This will literally light up (in neon!) to remember to just go with the flow.

JobiJournals Neon Sign, $72
JobiJournals Neon Sign, $72

Made from ocean bound plastic, using less than 95% of traditional amounts of water during gardening – this self-watering, self-fertilizing Farmstand makes it easy to grow your own food at home. Put simply, it’s dummy-proof. You can have a brown thumb and still come up full of gorgeous life-affirming greens and veg.

The Farmstand, $348-649
The Farmstand, $348-649

For the notes she’s always taking!

Cheeky Notepads, Set of 4 pads – $60

Pretty flowers – yahoo! Brightly-colored outdoor blooms featuring red and orange flowers paired with green heart-shaped foliage. Great for a sunny spot in her garden.

Red Geranium, Orange Calibrachoa, and Sweet Potato Vine Combination Kit, $45

Black-lesbian-owned Iwilla Remedy make the most divine, goddess- sent smoke blends that can either be imbibed as teas, or added to your Mary Jane. This blend will help her access her peace, magic, creativity, and inner inspiration.  We recommend getting her a gift card to their e-shop so she can choose the herbs that most resonate with what she’s feeling.

Magical Mind™ Smoke Blend, $10

A terribly chic blanket that – whence couch tossed – feels very Missoni and elevates the most mundane room.

Waves + Wiggles Blanket by Zoe Schlachter, $170

Beautiful hand dyed trousers – hand pleated using the arashi shibori technique – will definitely get worn, even if just to the store with flip flops and a white tee shirt.

Julia Heuer Ulke Trousers Viktor, $540
Julia Heuer Ulke Trousers Viktor, $540

This hair tie has never-ending multifunctions – from a headband to a wrist wrap, plus it has that 70s darling Liberty of London we all love so much.

Liberty of London Hair Tie, $38
Liberty of London Hair Tie, $38

She will have never felt comfort like this before in a wooden clog which is entirely eco-friendly, woman-made, and vegan. Step into a gorgeous natural cork insole with a state of the art shock-absorb sport sole, handmade artisan crafted solid wood heel finishes this urban chic sandal!

Tilda Wood Clog, $265

Custom beaded bracelet in Mom/ Grandma’s favorite color/s? Score. Whether she’s Nonna, Grammy, Mimi, Safta, Gran, or Mama – this bracelet is custom-ordered, Mama-made, gives back, and arrives by Mother’s Day, and is only $15 – score!

Custom Beaded Bracelet, $15 (venmo $15 with your address and custom order or email

Attract more butterflies to her garden with this stoneware piece that releases minerals they love.

Thistle Butterfly Puddler, $40

A water bottle that SELF CLEANS?! What fresh genius tech is this, and how fast can we buy it for all our Mom friends? Using innovative non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and clean the inner surfaces of the bottle by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and viruses, this water bottle will never be a pain in the ass to wash or accidentally ruin in the dishwasher, cuz it cleans it’s very own self.

LARQ Bottle, $95

Anissa Kermiche’s designs are inspired by the strong women in her life – she feels it’s her duty to celebrate their value as often as possible, which is why so many of her sculptures are based on the female form. Made from glossy earthenware, these linked ‘Titty Committee’ jugs are each cast the shape of a bust. Display them on your mantel filled with wildflowers or a few sprigs of eucalyptus. 100% of the profits* from the sale of this product will go to Women for Women International.

Day Titty Committee Earthenware Jugs, $165

With soft, uninterrupted curves that illuminate the power and symmetry of the full moon, this ethically procured lab-grown diamond Ear Cuff is modernity realized.

Round Brilliant Ear Cuff, $380

Supremely soft with drapey pockets, these eco-friendly stretch-knit bamboo-based fabric designed for every-BODY.

Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set, $153

Now serving infinite Bliss. Creamy, organic, plant-based ice cream made from the comfort of her home. It doesn’t get better than THIS as a prezzie. Same quality ingredients from Coconut Bliss, same creamy “OMG it’s vegan?” taste, leaving your house not required.

The Blissmaker, $129

A totally luxurious, entirely clean and organic vegan line of beauty that is Mom owned that is so gift worthy! The oils, room sprays, and soap are as good as it gets – and we’ve tried them ALL.

The Spa Edit, $52

Her beauty routine will stay waste-less from cradle to cradle with these washable cotton pads.

Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (20 Pack) With Washable Laundry Bag And Round Box for Storage, $13

Beyond easy to order from, this company will let you download an image of their Grandbaby (or baby!) to their site, and print it in an archival high-quality print and place it into a gorgeous frame, and send it off as a gift without you having to lift a finger. Winning.

Custom framed image, $69 and up

Fur Moms deserve accolades too!

Furst Place Fur Mama – Award Ribbon Card, $5.75

Breath in and breath out.. with her face in her pillowcase infused with CBD.  But if it’s legal where she is – by all means buy her some sativa infused tea bags!

The CBD Pillowcase, $49

This little machine works with Alexa to make quick notes, hands-free, which is always useful for busy Moms. Plus how cool and and futuristic a gift is this!

Smart Sticky Note Printer | Works with Alexa | A Day 1 Editions concept, $114

Sleeker and more compact than most wearable health trackers, the Oura Ring picks up data on your body’s natural signals—things like heart rate, heart rate variability, and body temperature. And it spits out clear, actionable insights via the Oura app. It provides you with cumulative scores for sleep, readiness, and activity. Oura also helps you learn your body’s individual needs so you can set goals that are appropriate and achievable for you. (Ten thousand steps a day does not fit all.) It also has an in-app mindfulness program called Moment, which tracks your precise heart rate during guided and unguided meditation sessions. Genius.

Oura Ring, $299
Oura Ring, $299

The cult-favorite best-selling Always Pan is a do-it-all wonder is designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware. Plus, it looks pretty good too and is eco-friendly. Replace her fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest with one pan.

The Always Pan, $145

Just a sweet little reminder that you really notice everything she does.

SuperMom Socks, $14

Is she just getting started with Essential Oils? Here’s a perfect place to begin. Kit includes: Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang.

Essential Oil Set, $92

This legging’s tie-dye for. With a high-waisted fit and psychedelic tie-dye, we’re counting this as a spring workout staple for Ma.

High Waisted Ink Wash 78 Legging, $88

With this many chic golden straws in a pack, she’ll have no excuse but to ditch the plastic straw in her iced latte once and for all!

Keshaw Gold Reusable Straws, $12
Keshaw Gold Reusable Straws, $12

From eco-friendly fashion house Farm Rio, we’re all obsessed about the Multi Colored Beaded Crochet Sweater! It features a cozy fit to keep her comfortable, and the beaded work is a jaw-dropping detail to hold on to.

Multi Colored Beaded Crochet Sweater, $240

Infrared Sauna Blankets increase the body’s thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow – so you sweat like you’re working out, without working out. They are just majorly relaxing to lie and good for her. It’s a winner gift.

Infrared Sauna Blanket V3, $499

A pound of beautiful, organic earl grey for colder spring days is just what the nutritionist ordered!

Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea, $20

The “Sacred Feminine Gift Set” from Gnosis Chocolate includes medicinal, delectable, gourmet chocolates, and so much more. This is a chocolate package of bliss bombs, crystals, body body and health indlude The Wild Rose Truffles with white chocolate creme filling infused with rose essential oil, pomegranate, and a whisper of cardamon.

Sacred Feminine Gift Set, $99

The coolest modern, sleek grinder, french press, drip, and more (it can do it all) – this coffee drinker’s dream is on every morning waker’s wishlist.


Fellow Ode Brew Grinder, $300

Cozy, casual, and a perfect style level jump to take her from chasing the kids at the park to catching up over virtual drink with a friend, this romper is a win.

Knot Your Average Romper, $135

Forget an the usual fruit baskets – what a snooze – send her soursop, cacao, and yellow dragon fruit with this incredible monthly (or one time) fruit box of exotic sustainable goodness from a company that gives back as much as it takes in.


Seasonal Exotic Fruit Sample Box, $80-140

Stunning rainbow runculous for your favorite rumpled Mother!

Fresh Rainbow Ranunculus Bunch, $128

Summer is coming, a comfy eco-swimsuit (if you know her size) would be so appreciated so she doesn’t have to do it herself!

Tie Front One Piece—Eco, $95

Stunning olive oils, delectable vinegars, and jaw dropping packaging makes this foodie-lovers gift set a must.

The Essential Capsule, $112

Plants last forever, and are always the most regularly appreciated gift! The Sill delivers them right to her doorstep, monthly, or not! “Pet friendly plant deliveries” is equivalent to bedroom talk in this house!

Pet Friendly Plant Subscription, $65

Doing an at-home DNA test is truly a magical thing.  Give her the most informative gift of her lifetime!

Ancestry DNA Tests, $99

The comfiest, coziest chair in her corner nook will be this one. Consider the bliss of sinking into one of these after a long day!

Yogibo Max, $269

The most delicious olives – plus her favorite cheese, gourmet crackers, and a fabulous vodka – would be such a delicious package!

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Kalamata Olives Slow Cured, $12

Keep her face free from harmful rays with this easy chapeau from a website where every purchase gives back!

Eugenia Kim Ivory Ricky Visor, $245

“Mama! That bird is red!” Mom has given you so many important things—like the wonder you felt when Mom helped you spot your first songbird. The pride you took in knowing to call that bright red beauty a cardinal. The way Mom taught you to cherish the natural world. This Mother’s Day, give a precious gift in return: Adopt a bird with Audubon for your nature-loving Mama!

Adopt-A-Bird, $50

Deceivingly chic, this vegan leather X-large scrunchie makes a strong fashion statement. Whether worn on your wrist or to adjorn a chic chigon, this piece is sure to impress.

Vegan Leather Extra Large Scrunchie, $11

From partner to Mother of you your children, why not a sexy gift? A good Mama-only toy and the first CBD oil for down there – this luxurious intimate oil is infused with 100 mg of CBD, CBG & key botanicals that possess Mother Nature’s seductive powers…ginseng, maca, allium, and horny goat leaf are natural aphrodisiacs while CBD, CBG, and evening primrose oil heighten sensation by increasing blood flow to your intimate parts. A dash of peppermint creates a cooling sensation that is balanced by hint of heat from cinnamon.

CBD Lube, $55

Now she can spa and dermo plane at home with this sweet little tool which gets off the top layer of skin and tiny hairs all at once!

Jill Glow Kit, $24

The Aimée mini prism ashtray is handmade with lightweight resin and plants foraged in gardens, parks and forests. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, assembled slowly with various assortments of blooms, hemp leaf fragments and more.

The Aimée Mini Hemp Ashtray, $48

A piggybank for Mama wishes – she can pen message of hope or gratitude on a page of the included notepad, tear out the page, roll it up, focus on your wish and then tuck the paper inside the globe for safe keeping.

Handblown Wishing and Gratitude Globe, $32

Made of durable heavy duty cast iron; Strong, durable, just like your family, but beautiful like your Mother-child bond!

DreamsEden Sculptures, $32

This vegan meal delivery service founded by former Ironman triathlete Brandan Brazier and David Brown, aims to provide protein heavy plant-based deliciousness perfect for athletes or Moms running around without a chance to soak cashews. How thoughtful would it be to give her a week of not having to cook!

Fireroad Vegan Food Delivery, 8 Meals/ Curated box starting at $76 or average $9.50/meal 12 Meals +/ 5% OFF Curated box starting at $108 or average $9/meal 16 Meals + 10% OFF Curated box starting at $136 or average $8.55/meal

Because everyone needs a makeup bag that can be washed, these cotton canvas bags are eco-friendly and useful, but also prove Momma’s got no more F’s!

Zero Fox Given Make up Bag, $28

This rose gold bar kit bar features four of the most important bar tools: a shaker, jigger, strainer, and spoon that doubles as a muddler in a flashy copper finish. Perfect for a budding bartender or seasoned mixologist.

True Copper Barware Set,, $27

A box of great vino on her doorstep is a hard yes!

Winc Wine Delivery, @$38+

Keep her thoughts and feeling on a higher plane with this Fair Trade Gratitude Journal. Daily focus on all the good in life helps keep a positive outlook, and sends healing, loving energy out into the world.

Fair Trade Gratitude Journal, $39

When she pops one of these lavender Bed Time Relaxation Tablets in the corner of her shower, it will transform her entire shower experience into a spa!

BodyRestore Shower Steamers, $24

It’s super ugly, and she won’t give a shit. She’ll be too mellow zenning it up in her own personal massage chair. It’s a pity these haven’t been made gorgeously yet, but for now – we will take ugly with a good throw blanket in the corner of our bedroom to enjoy and live our best massaged lives!

BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity Airbag Massage Bluetooth Speaker Foot Roller, $1139
Bath Board, $90

Doggy Moms are Moms too.

Dog Mom Mug by Rae Dunn, $34

The Black Home Candles are made with a 100% renewable, eco-friendly soy coconut wax blend. Hand-poured in NYC by a black-owned company, these candles are formulated without toxic paraffins and pthalates to avoid toxic carcinogens when burning.  Plus – they smell BEYOND. Let her know she’s a goddess, point blank.

Goddess Candle, $40

For Mama who means to do a yoga class, but just can’t find the time – this instructional yoga mat makes it easy as pie.

Instructional Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, $15

Since she (and most of her friends) will be vaccinated by summer, they’ll definitely be doing wine nights outdoors. These outdoor wine tumblers with built in stainless steel straws are a dreamy addition to outdoor dining. Plus they come in up to a pack of 12.

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler, $15

Remember, step up, it’s the least you can do.

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