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Why You Should Use A Camp Specialist

Why You Should Use A Camp Specialist

Why You Should Use A Camp Specialist

There are some parenting “musts” that you were sold in your early days of parenting that make you roll your eyes in retrospect, and others you find yourself mentioning on facebook Mom groups over and over again.  For me, a person who did not like camp, I found it surprising that I loved working with my Camp Specialist Stacy Fleischman so much. In fact, loved the “Camp Search” so much that I teamed up with her to become Camp Specialist myself! You may have never heard of a Camp Specialist or what they do – so let me tell you what they (and now we) are about.

Camp Specialists work hard to help you find the perfect day campsleepaway campteen tour and post camp programs based on exactly what you’re looking for. A Camp Specialist is not paid by families nor are they influenced by the campsMost People we know have a camp story… camp is a time in your life that you will never forget, which is why choosing a camp is a huge decision

Working with a Camp Specialist that has knowledge and understanding of camps and knows the best fit for your children is a no-brainer.

I know you have questions... I did! (Stacy Fleischman, full time Camp Specialists and Former Camp Director…. will help answer some of your questions below.)

Why You Should Use A Camp Specialist
Why You Should Use A Camp Specialist

Should I send my child to my camp or where his/her BFF is going? 

Camp is not a one-size-fits-all. You may think you know your old camp but chances are… your camp has changed. Maybe there are new owners, maybe the camp has gone from full summer to half summer, there are always changes and we are the first to know about those multitudinous changes.  Either way…  you should compare. We recommend touring 3-4 camps as part of your decision making.  If you are unable  to tour, we can help you set up home visits with Camp Directors. 

What do Camp Specialists actually do for you?

It’ll start with us getting to know your children. We want to know your needs and your wants, as well as your children’s.  We’ll  provide you with a small list of camps based on your wishlist. We take the pressure and stress out of the process of choosing a camp.  We will review the camps and explain the reasons that they were chosen for you. Camp specialists know camp!  This is what we do!  Our Camp Specialists team is well- trained and consistently being updated with current camp information. We spend quality time visiting camps and speaking with camp directors to get to know every camp tradition, small details and individual camp philosophiesCamp is like the dating game, each camp has its own personality that is best fit for each particular type of child. Two camps may  look the same on paper, but Camp Specialists are the BFF who will give you the behind-the-scenes details that you need before committing to a second home for your children. Disorganized? Not to worry, we will help you organize your tours and visits A Camp Specialist becomes a true friend – and the relationship doesn’t stop after the recommendations have been given.  Camp Specialists will follow through with helpful tips, and check-ins throughout the summer.   

How are camps different anyway?

That’s like saying how are handbags different, feel us ladies? Is your child sporty, artsy or both, do you prefer co-ed or single sex, do you like 4 weeks or 7? Do you like a camp with bells and whistles or a more rustic feel?  Ask yourself if you want your child going to camp with your entire town? Are you concerned about Doctors, security, staff or competitiveness (I know we are).. we will help you figure it ALL out!

How do Camp Specialists work for free?

Camp Specialists work for the client, not the camp!  We do not encourage specific camps. We truely want what is best for familiesusing a camp specialist does not affect your tuition, in fact we can help you save money  with early bird specials and sibling discount information!

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When should I start looking at camps?

Preferably two summers before your starting summer so you can see the camp in action and tour when the camp is in session with kids all around. However, Camp Specialists can always help you.. even last minute! 

Stacy Fleischman – Full Time Camp Specialists, Proud Mom, and Former Camp Director and Chloe Jo Davis -the world’s worst child camper turned camp and outdoor lover – are Camp Specialists for Arlene Streisand’s Camp Specialists. If you’re looking for  summer camp for your child, wherever in the world you live, we would love to help. You can reach them here Send Email