Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

If You’re Not Doing This With Your Receipts, You’re Wasting Money

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A very wise woman recently introduced us to Receipt Hog, a functional and fun app that lets your upload your receipts in exchange for cash or amazon gift cards. There is no rub, it’s a market research firm – so they use the intel on what you buy for data and analytics. This not only helps companies make more of the sort of products you want to buy, it supports the way you use your cash and is an armchair activist way of supporting great stores and brands.  Your receipts are worth actual money, why toss them?!

How it works:

You snap a photo of any receipt (from the grocery store to cvs to any Mom n Pop) and get “coins” which are later cashed out for paypal cash, visa cards, or amazon gift card cash and/ or spins to win more coins. Our kids love spinning the wheel when we get “spins” and it’s become a fun part of my daily routine (“Kids! Get in bed and each of you can spin the wheel!”)

I love knowing that my purchase habits are being used towards studying consumer habits.  We buy more organic than ever, we choose plant based – but there are dualities – we are also buy plenty of pretzels at Duane Reade and go to the post office and gas station like everyone else. All of this intelligence is technical gold for the companies who studies our habits. If you’re worried about your privacy, don’t be – the same companies study your purchasing habits without your permission every time you shop online. It’s the nature of our new virtual lives, and it ultimately only makes life easier with suggestions tailored towards our personal preferences.

Why it’s worth it for us:

You really do earn actual cash.  I’ve already earned at least $100 snapping quick second-long photos of my receipts. That’s it – it’s so cut and dry and easy to use! But you can also look at is as a form of activism – your purchases matter!

You can use your physical receipts from in real life purchase OR earn rewards s for connecting Receipt Hog to your online purchases via email, amazon, or Kroger supermarkets.



If you use our code and link – you’ll start off with 10 spins! Yahoo!

Download the app here, then enter our code: kung8775

All of these images are Receipt Hogs, and this is not an advertisement. We received no remuneration for this post, and it’s simply our personal experience using the app!

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