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14 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks to Let Your Kitchen Shine Again

14 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks to Let Your Kitchen Shine Again

14 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks to Let Your Kitchen Shine Again

If your New Year’s resolution is to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and you’re looking for the perfect way to ease into this new chapter of your life, we have just the right idea for you. Switching to a green cleaning routine is simple, budget-friendly and highly effective!

Let’s be honest:

We’ve had more time on our hands this year than ever before and being stuck at home calls for some changes. Mixing your own cleaners allows you to control the ingredients that you likely already have in your home. Take a look at your pantry and you’ll probably find distilled vinegar, baking soda and lemons which can all be used to make your own cleaners.

Besides using your time at home more effectively, switching to a greener cleaning routine will reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce as you can repurpose spray bottles multiple times. Because you won’t have to buy different cleaners for every single surface in your home, you’ll also save valuable cabinet space! If you’re ready to try out a few eco-friendly cleaning hacks, read our favorites below.


Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Clean your microwave with lemon water

Fill a small bowl with water, slice open a lemon, squeeze the juice into the bowl and toss the lemon halves in as well. Then run the microwave for about 3 minutes on high with the bowl inside. The boiling lemon water will steam which helps loosen up greasy stains. Leave the microwave door closed for about 5 minutes before taking out the bowl with water and wiping everything down with a damp cloth.

This cleaning routine costs you next to nothing, is 100% environmentally friendly and the oils that are being released from the lemons will sanitize your microwave. They’ll also leave a nice, fresh smell behind.

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Bring burnt pots and pans back to life

Remember that scorched pan in the back of your cabinet that you haven’t used in forever because it grosses you out? Don’t give up on it just yet! Mix 1 cup of water and 1 cup of distilled vinegar and bring it to a boil in the pan. Remove the pan from the heat, add 2 Tbsp of baking soda and let it sizzle! Then empty the pan, scrub anything that’s still stuck to the bottom with a scouring tool like a heavy duty sponge (you can also try a magic eraser if the outside of your pot or pan is dirty) and rinse with hot water.  If you’re feeling experimental, you can try this routine with coca-cola! It’ll work like magic.

Mix your own all-purpose cleaner

To make your own all-purpose spray, you’ll need 3 ingredients: water, distilled vinegar and lemon peels. Fill a spray bottle with the lemon peels and then add equal parts vinegar and water. Let this mixture sit for about two weeks so the lemon peel can infuse into the liquid. After 14 days you can strain the lemon peels, pour the solution back into the spray bottle and start cleaning.

Now that you’ve made the commitment to do your part to save the environment, raise your glass for a toast to a clean conscience and spotless kitchen!

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Photo by Grass America on Unsplash

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