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GirlieGirl Army’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

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Your Dad isn’t the average Bear and neither is your Husband. If you’re lucky enough to know what it is to have a great Dad or be married to a great man who is the father to your children and/ or pets, then you know he deserves something unique this Father’s day. However, many fathers prove to be absolutely impossible to shop for when it comes to Father’s Day, so the shopping process may be more stressful than initally intended. If you’ve got a dad that’s a pain to shop for, then why not try something a bit more unique, like a custom bobbleheads from your photo. This way, you can give your Father a good old laugh as he opens up his Father’s Day gifts. Beyond the boring and into the special! Here’s a list of favorites for 2016!

GirlieGirl Army's Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

Music legend and wildlife advocate Mick Fleetwood has chosen the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) as the benefiting charity of the Drum Workshop snare drum “Rumours,” created in his honor and named after Fleetwood Mac’s most iconic album. For every USA Custom and Design Series drum set sold, DW makes a donation to American Forests to plant a tree. All wood is responsibly sourced and the drumheads are synthetic leather.

Mick Fleetwood iconic “Rumours” Drum Collection to benefit endangered species

Mick Fleetwood iconic “Rumours” Drum Collection to benefit endangered species, $1500

This beautiful custom rolex is a perfect bespoke version of the one worn by the original James Bond.

Tempus Machina 216A

Tempus Machina 216A, $25,000

For the musical papa: The Guitar Pick Maker punches guitar picks from any plastic card, so he can make his own custom picks!

Pick Punch

Guitar Pick Punch, $23

Perhaps for the bachelor or divorced Dad who is into entertaining; this eco-friendly Tap uses kinetic energy and is powered by Dad’s touch so no batteries are needed to control up to four of his personalized programmed colored lighting scenes.

Philips 452532 Personal Wireless Lighting Hue Tap Switch, $49

Philips 452532 Personal Wireless Lighting Hue Tap Switch, $49

BatDad needs this to keep his wads of hundies in order.

Batman Batarang Money Clip

Batman Batarang Money Clip, $11

This self-inflating standup paddleboard with a fully integrated electric motor controlled wirelessly with a remote on the paddle is a dream gift for the athletic Daddy-o.

Sipa Board

Sipa Board, $640

For the Dad who prefers to tinker with tools, this magnetic vest keeps all their gadgets in arms reach while they are building.

Mag Vest

Mag Vest, $79

For the cat loving Papa Smurf.. this cute mug is a must!

Spademan Pottery Calico Surprise Coffee Mug

Spademan Pottery Calico Surprise Coffee Mug, $30

Elevate his photography to the next level with the Leica, which takes the most gorgeous photos you’ve ever seen.

Leica D-Lux

Leica D-Lux, $1095

Consciously dapper dandy’s will love these beautiful Brave Gentleman blazers.

Fleeced Tweed Blazer, $570

Fleeced Tweed Blazer, $570

BONUS: They are on sale with the code in this image:

Eco-Vegan Mens' Blazers

This crazy gadget stacks his brewskies under ground to keep them cool while lowering their ecological footprint!


E-Cool, $369

This genius concept car splits into two motorcycles for when you and your Hubby are off to different places. Still in the final design stages, this isn’t available for purchase yet, but will be a perfect Father’s Day present for 2020!



The Star Wars fan will go mad for these custom log burners offered in Iron Man, Darth Vader, and custom shapes.

Darth Vader Log Burner

Darth Vader Log Burner, price available by request

For those Star Wars Papas on a smaller budget, light saber ice pop molds will have to do! Plus: it’s a way to get Dad to eat his greens! Throw some high quality tasty ingredients in your vitamix and blend the ultimate Dad smoothie and freeze them into Papa Pops!

Light Saber Ice Pop Molds

Light Saber Ice Pop Molds, $25

The jogging King will want to bring his little Prince/ss along! The KidRunner elevates his work-outs to add weight to his run without the bulk of a baby jogging stroller.

Kid Runner

Kid Runner, $750 (20% off now)

This sustainably made briefcase with adjustable and removable strap fits a 15″ laptop and has a perfect smartphone pocket.

Matt & Nat Soren Briefcase

Matt & Nat Soren Briefcase, $155

This newly launched independent pocket square company is owned by a gay vegetarian Dad (points!) who couldn’t find interesting and unique pocket square prints. Entrepreneur and former Wall St. lawyer David Arrick saw a need to bring the square back from oblivion and into the jacket pocket of guys everywhere. Plus: Father-Son pocket squares are a must!

Square Boss Pocket Squares

Square Boss Pocket Squares, $22 and up

Handcrafted in Lustenau, Austria by artist Klaus Bosch, these sand art desktop pieces are meditative wonderlands for the busy bee who sometimes needs to take a step back and grab themselves an ommmm.

Deep Sea Sand Art

Deep Sea Sand Art, $89

This multi-tools on ultra-thin stainless steel is ideal for your modern-day MacGyver coworker. Featuring a bottle opener, wrenches, screwdrivers, letter opener, and so many other crazy cool features, you’ll want to watch this tutorial video til you’re blue in the face. PS you’ll want one too.

Pocket Monkey

Pocket Monkey, $13

Because sometimes he only wants a half a beer, or to share one with his favorite kid – the stupid (but also really amazing) half pint glass is on our radar!

Half Pint Glass

Half Pint Glass, $10

Using reclaimed pine wood that is more than 100 years old, and has lived a laborious life as a country cottage, barn, mill, or furniture – these green made-to-order watch boxes beautifully carry his tick-tocks wherever he may roam.

Made to Order Wood Watch Box, $119

Made to Order Wood Watch Box, $119

Lagusta’s Luscious chocolates are known amongst the plant-based scene as the most luxurious of organic and farm-to-box chocolate taste explosion. Get your Dad a gift certificate so he can choose whichever smattering of gourmet genius suits his palate.

Lagusta's Chocolate Of The Month

Lagusta’s Chocolates, $10 and up

Dad can indulge his secret agent fantasies with this unique clock. Simply take aim and fire to project the time onto any surface.

Secret Agent Alarm Clock

Secret Agent Alarm Clock, $23

So he doesn’t fall asleep on his glasses again..

Nose EyeGlass Stand

Nose EyeGlass Stand, $40

This gorgeous looking tequila bottle is his to collect once he’s down shooting back the booze.

Kah Tequila

Kah Tequila, $70

A custom tattoo is the gift that never stops giving. Buy him a gift certificate to your favorite tattoo shop, better yet get a tattoo of dear old Dad!

Alex McWatt Custom Tattoo @ThreeKingsTattoo

Alex McWatt Custom Tattoo @ThreeKingsTattoo (prices upon request)

He definitely doesn’t drink enough water, and it’s time to change that. Especially because our brains are 75% water, so proper hydration can have a positive impact on cognitive functions and mood.. and nobody wants a moody Daddy. This water bottle syncs with an app on your phone, tracks your water intake and glows when you need to drink. The connected app has thousands of cleverly written reminders to help you reach your recommended daily water goal based on your personal parameters, location, and activity. And Dad can sync with his favorite health apps to see a complete picture of his health.

Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark, $54

The Yes To Natural Man products are beautifully priced, and all natural and cruelty-free. Buy a handful of the products for your favorite metro-sexual.

Yes To Natural Man Charcoal Soap

Yes To Natural Man Charcoal Soap, $4.99

If you’ve been trying like I have to get your man off so much coffee and on to the good stuff (matcha! matcha!) then this is the place to start! This kit from our favorite matcha organic brand Encha comes with everything he’ll need and want to get on the matcha train. Why? A Stanford grad/ Silicon Valley VP started this company after scientific research proved that the powerful antioxidant catechins of matcha created energy but was also mentally calming from the theanine.

Encha Ceremonial Set

Encha Ceremonial Set, $79.95


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